Other platforms?

#1 Posted by Ford_Prefect (19 posts) -

Any chance of an XBLA release? I remember digging those holes back on the old C64.

#2 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2502 posts) -

Does MS own the Lode Runner IP now? If so, kind of a bummer, I gree, they should drop this on the PC and/or XBL. Great game back in the day.

#3 Posted by Mr_Strange (6 posts) -

Every year or two I start to miss my old Lode Runner days, and look around for a good port, or playable version anywhere.

Every year I am disappointed. :(

#4 Posted by ARORK (75 posts) -

If it remember well There is a "HD" version in the xboxlive.

#5 Posted by BSw (255 posts) -

There's a playable pc version that works with DosBox. I remember finding it on an old games website about a year ago (Home of the Underdogs seems to have it, although I'm not sure if that's the one I downloaded). Maybe you can give that a shot!

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