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Good emotional sidequest 0

I really liked the Normandy crash site side quest, as it was not about shooting or achieving an objective, but an act of remembrance and honor to the people who died on the Normandy and to the ship itself, which was reasonably emotionally important to the Shepard character and Joker, the ship's pilot.  My favorite part was Navigator Pressly's logs of his opinion of having aliens on the Normandy change to a point where he would "die for any of them". That, coupled with the Normandy memorial statu...

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Filling out the ACII package 0

Assassin’s Creed II’s first piece of downloadable content, The Battle of Forli, was a short, underwhelming effort, though it did have some redeemable features, filling in some blanks in ACII’s story and introducing a few interesting new characters. The second piece of DLC, The Bonfire of the Vanities, is short on story elements but it’s a much more substantial package overall, offering a new area to explore and a more traditional brand of Assassin’s Creed gameplay.  A good old fashioned assassi...

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Pretty simple mission, with a bit of nostalgic emotion. 2

The Normandy Crash site is identified, you scan the planet and beam down. You view a cutscene showing the Normandy debris among chunks of ice and snow.  The majority of the mission is collecting the 20 dog tags, these are scattered around the small-ish landscape, and are fairly easy to find if you keep an eye out for the hud outline or glow.  There are some emotional parts, you see main parts of Normandy completely destroyed, they show a flashback image of what it used to look like, or the chara...

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Creepy 0

Loved it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ...

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Not much of a download. 0

 Never played the dlc for the first so I wouldn't know how long those were but I've heard that one of them were at least 90 min long. All you do is get to the location, look for some tags if you want and plant the monument at one of the predetermined locations. If you had to pay for this, it would be worth the cash unless you want to see what Bioware came up with for the first normandy....

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Less than stellar 0

I understand what the developers were trying to do here but the constant pausing to flash back to what things used to look like was more annoying than emotionally moving. Some simple (easy) collection and running around and this "DLC" is done in less than ten minutes. Minimal XP in addition. Can be skipped - you won't miss much. ...

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A no-brainer, but enjoyable 0

The premise for 'Bonfire of the Vanities' is pretty simple, and one you'll be familiar with by now. The gameplay is also simple: it's pretty much just a string of assassinations. There are a few new additions, such as spring poles and if you buy the more expensive version three new Templar Hideouts. Personally I didn't understand the spring-pole-jump-long-way-thing. Or at least how to use it: they were quite picky on positioning, and when you're running to try and avoid archers it can be a littl...

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Normandy Crash Site/Inferno/Collectors edition armor 0

While Mass effect 2 thus far has been amazing, the Normandy Crash site left much to be desired.  While it was interesting to see the crashed Normandy, there was little to do aside from collect 20 dog tags and some element zero.  The pre-order inferno armor looks neat, I just wish the helmet would come off when exploring the citedal and such as there is no action.  It looks out of place having a big space helmet on inside.   The collectors Armor looks neat and also adds some benefits but has the ...

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Nostalgic Visit 0

While not adding anything remarkable or game changing to Mass Effect 2, or Mass Effect, the Normandy Crash Site DLC does add a nostalgic look back at the Normandy-that-was.  The mission is quite simple: visit the crash site of the original alliance Normandy and recover dog-tags of fallen crew mates, for delivery to their families as a keepsake.  You also will place a monument at the crash site, remembering the original Normandy.  As you come across scattered pieces of the ruined starship, you wi...

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