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A shoebill-like bird creature, Loftwings are the primary mode of transport for residents of Skyloft in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As well as a mode of transport, they are used competitively during the annual Wing Ceremony. Different colours of Loftwing exist, with a crimson Loftwing belong to the player character, Link. Link's Crimson Loftwing is particularly of note, as it enables Link to visit The Surface throughout the game.

Loftwing's are not permitted to be ridden at night. Only specially trained Knights are allowed to fly once evening falls. Link's Loftwing will not come when called at night.

Wing Ceremony

Loftwings play a vital role in the Skyloft Wing Ceremony. During the competition, contestants ride their Loftwing in a race to catch a bird statue from a golden Loftwing. The winner takes part in a special winners ceremony and receives a gift from Zelda. During the contest in Skyward Sword, Link is forced to avoid missiles thrown from other contestants while trying to catch the bird statue. The Loftwings Motion Plus control method is utilized fully in these sequences.

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