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Loki is one of the unique leader in the game, The Last Remnant.  
He was an infamously savage bandit, but has avoided mindless violence of late and started seeking redemption.
He is available for recruiting at the Golden Chalice guild in Virtus Parish in the city of Athlum after David Nassau and his four generals join the player permanently.

Quest (The Villain and the Sightless Girl)

After recruiting Loki and speaking with him 3 times when his speech bubble pops out in the city of Athlum, a girl called Reya will appear on the Town Square after the player had visited the city of Undelwalt. She will ask Loki for help to retrieve some flowers from Mt. Vackel.
As the player approaches the flower, the boss, a Welkin Dragon will appear and initiates the battle.
After defeating the Welkin Dragon, Loki will retrieve the flower and gives it to Reya.

Parameter Bonus

Like other unique leaders, Loki's parameter bonus will be accessible after the player had build up enough rapport with him by engaging him in conversation when in the city of Athlum and also completing his quests.
Loki's parameter bonus: 5% Speed Boost


  • Despite his namesake, Loki wields a large hammer ingame, making him more resembling Thor.

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