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Sexy on the Outside, Fun on the Inside; Innuendo Intended 10

A mixture of sparkles and chainsaws only Japan can conceive.When Suda51’s name is tied to a project, the most reasonable expectation is a complete disregard for sanity. His special brand of twisted logic has spawned unique experiences the likes of Killer7 and Shadows of the Damned though none appeared as overtly sexualized as Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest featuring a chainsaw-wielding, barely-legal cheerleader. However, in the midst of sensationalist headlines and overblown controversies lies...

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L-O-L, L-I-P, OOOOO-P!!!.. Chainsaw. 0

Zombies! Remember those? Well the blighters have gone and decided to trash a San Romero High School, and on the pig-tail sporting barely-legal protagonist Juliet Starling's birthday no less. But have no fear, for Juliet is a chainsaw brandishing, pom-pom packin' zombie hunter. With 'great tits' as I am to believe - that's the game writer's words not mine!Flaunting the leading heroine as a mix of Buffy Summers and Elvira, with a tint of Princess Robot Bubblegum, Lollipop Chainsaw is very adamant ...

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A Fun Hack'n'Slash with Plenty of Style (And Sexual Overtones) 0

As video games become a more and more popular medium for people to create in, and as they expand into new areas, many trends are becoming extremely popular amongst developers. Online multiplayer, character upgrade systems, and hidden collectibles: all of these are examples of trends that have become integrated into nearly all of the games we play whether they are the next triple-A blockbuster or the small independent games that have become increasingly popular lately. But there is one trend that...

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Zombie Chainsaw Action 0

Lollipop Chainsaw is brought to you by Grasshopper Manufacture and the mind of Suda51. You can tell right from the start with it's over the top action and silly but witty dialogue. You play as Juliet Starling, the middle child in her zombie hunting family. She carries a chainsaw that has the ability to turn into a machine gun and even a cannon she uses to shoot her boyfriend's decapitated head out of. At its core the game is a generic hack and slash, but all of these elements make it so much mor...

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A bit too brief, but a nice but of dumb fun whilst it lasts. 0

Lollipop Chainsaw is a pretty simple game in most respects. It utilizes rather simplistic mechanics, it's humour often stoops to lowest common denominator and one could argue the games sexy, zombie-slaughtering lead character is just pandering as all get out. And I for one am all for it. Not every game needs be complex, needs to be clever, needs to portray characters in a realistic fashion. Lollipop Chainsaw revels in fantasy and ridiculousness and that's what will keep you rapt from start to ad...

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Lollipop Chainsaw Review: Dilf 0

Lollipop Chainsaw is the latest game to come from Suda 51 and developer Grasshopper, billed as the spiritual successor to No More Heroes, and it is deliberately over the top in every way. Games that have had Suda 51 in the director seat have tended to be very much a love or hate affair in the past but personally I found last years Shadows of the Damned to be a rough gem with a lot to like. Its gameplay was solid but unremarkable, yet the game oozed personality and character with plenty of genuin...

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Lollipop Chainsaw Review 0

After playing this game I kind of feel dirty. Now that's an opening line for you, but in part it is true. You'll be playing the part of a blonde cheerleader named, Juliet, whose family is actually a bunch of demon hunters. On the menu in this game is zombies, and a ton of them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately all of this happens on Juliet's birthday, and her strong innocent boyfriend doesn't last too long, well most of him doesn't. Turns out that Juliet also knows so magical sp...

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Lollipop Chainsaw: taste of promise. 0

Sucking Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3) So, I saw this in bargain bin: a cheerleader, her decapitated boyfriend, zombies and a killer soundtrack for 10 Euros. Sound like a deal right? Well, it might be for right kind of person. On the outside Lollipop Chainsaw seems to have lot going for it, but underneath there is simple and basic arcade action game that feels like a cold dead corpse from the past, rather than new fresh and vibrant modern game. Key word here is surface value: you get a girl in a skimp...

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lollipop chainsaw looks GREAT!!! BUT NOT THE WORST ZOMBIE GAME MADE YET! OR 2012 0

the game from soda 51..... lollipop chainsaw looks great!.- perhapes not the worst game made yet!.- nore in 2012,slashing zombies as a sexy!!! cheerleader is a 1 4 sure thing you will hate 2 miss...if you into girl's that way????,,,, play as juliet starling!.- a sexy 18 year old cheerleader that conseaves a dark secreat! known as she loves killslashing!.- thouse zombies!.- back 2 hell!!.- thats all my in fo about lpc KEEP THINGS REAL GUYS!!!!...

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An over-the-top humorous action/adventure! 0

Many games nowadays often take themselves WAAAY too seriously. This is definitely not the case with Lollipop chainsaw. Despite some of its technical flaws, and a few graphical bugs here and there, Lollipop chainsaw is definitely a game worth playing and will leave you laughing with its raunchy humor. Similar to No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw delivers one of the most memorable and entertaining gaming experiences out there. I can safely say that there aren’t many games that are like this, an...

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Lollipop Chainsaw Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

Lollipop Chainsaw ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerLollipop Chainsaw is a character action game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The game is a collaboration between acclaimed Japanese developer Suda51 and the Western dark comedy filmmaker James Gunn. Does Lollipop Chainsaw keep the humor and charm of previous Suda51 titles while improving in the gameplay department?StoryLollipop Chainsaw is the story of Juliet Starling, a San Romero High Sc...

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Has heart but is bogged down by poor production values. 0

Immediately after finishing Lollipop Chainsaw, I reminisced on the five hours I spent hacking up zombies. I couldn’t remember too many specific moments. The only things that really stood out were some one-liners from characters such as, “I’m so going to masturbate to you tonight!”. Not because they’re funny, but the crude humor sprinkled throughout the game is totally random and unnecessary. Some quirky elements like a handful of character performances were genuine, but the poor attempt at funny...

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Limited gameplay can't stop this from being playable. 0

Originally written 9-26-12Juliet Starling wakes up on her 18th birthday and the day is already starting out a disaster. She's late for school, her boyfriend Nick is more then likely waiting, and her school is being overran by a zombie outbreak. Juliet whom happens to be a cheerleader, is also a zombie hunter together with her family; she equips her chainsaw and begins going to work on the living dead. -summaryLong before I knew Lollipop Chainsaw was a work by Goichi Suda aka Suda51; I was alrea...

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Empty, Goofy Fun 0

Looking at reviews, this game has some WIDELY disparate reviews. Some love it, some loathe it. Some think the combat is weak, some think the combat is functional. Some love the writing, some find it grating.I will not deny that I love this game. I can see all of the faults, but I do enjoy the game immensely.You play Juliet Starling, a high school cheerleader from a family of zombie hunters. Your boyfriend is Nick, who is a sarcastic high school boy who tolerates Juliet's faults but seems to reco...

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Suda's weakest outing yet. 0

Suda51 has gained a cult following for his games such as Killer7, No More Heroes and more. These games are renown for their irresistible charm and crazy Suda humor. They are also known for having a theme such as NMH's anime style or Shadows of the Damned's mexican movie motif. Lollipop Chainsaw is the next game made by Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51. The games early influences are apparent with Buff the Vampire Slayer and High School of the Dead. This is a Suda game from top to bottom. Unfor...

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Janky, nonsensical . . . and a pretty damn fun ride. 0

While not the strongest showing from one of my personal favorites - Suda 51, Lollipop Chainsaw succeeds at what it ultimately wants to be - an exploitative, grindhouse-esque guilty pleasure in the form of a mostly mindless hack 'n' slash.Somewhat janky combat and controls hamper the game a bit, but it's other elements go a long way in making up for the less than stellar gameplay.Suda games have never really been known for their tight and responsive gameplay, but more for their overall sense of s...

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Hentai Mansion in Hollywood. 0

If I had this game when I was 17 years old I would probably love it and had a lot of "fun", but unfortunately I'm pushing 30 and this Lollipop is the worst game Suda51 had ever made (After Michigan, that game really suck). A lot of sexy costumes to unlock for ... masturbate?... The game is short, it took me 4/5 hours on normal difficulty, the music are truly amazing, the mini games are broken and the worst Suda51 ever made, the level design is linear but nice and ok, the camera sucks, the combos...

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