Heads up for anyone thinking of getting this on PC.

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Just wanted to give anyone thinking of picking this game up on PC a fair warning not to. It is a straight up port of the console version with zero effort put into making it work on the PC. All of the button prompts in the game are just the stupid 360 controller and they remapped all the keys to the exact same buttons on the keyboard. So when it tells you to press the A button you have to press the A key. When it asks for the X button it's the X key etc. It has no mouse controls at all, so you are forced to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to get through the menu and move in game. And of course you can't re-map them to anything that a sane person would want to use.

So if you are like me and don't have a controller for your PC, because I despise playing games with controllers, you won't have much luck playing this game.

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I don't think we have to worry about people buying this game.

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Two things shocked me about this thread:

1. You actually bought this game? And on PC!?

2. You hate playing games with a controller? You must miss out on a lot of games then.

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@Heltom92 said:

2. You hate playing games with a controller? You must miss out on a lot of games then.

 Like what games? Super Meat Boy and ...uhh I think I I'll live.
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@Heltom92: The QL made it look like it could be fun to mess around with if you take it as a little mini game collection style game with the backdrop/setting of the Olympics and trying to get your country of origin up the ranks. Sorry I don't like playing games on your system/input device of choice.

As far as missing games because I don't like playing games on controllers, well that statement is just too dumb to respond to so I will leave it at that.

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do you know what the name of the intro song is when you start at the title screen of that game?

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To the OP from a few weeks ago: thanks for the heads up. I wasn't planning on getting the game but dissemination of information about versions of games that are not fit for purpose (non-remappable controls with A, B, X, Y mapped to those 4 keyboard letters seems to be a reasonable case for calling this out) is always welcome. Hopefully high return rates or low sales will help inspire people to aim for porting their projects to PC in a way that is actually converting rather than 'made compile on other platform, just' and increase the general quality of releases on this open platform (we, as consumers, are the gatekeepers and there is no overlord company to say "you have to have working 5.1 audio output from your shooter or you can't release" or whatever; every game is welcome and we must work together as a community to agree what is and isn't acceptable as worthy of being paid for - the price of open platforms).

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