bagronken's Loom (Steam) (PC) review

I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother?

Short but sweet 

Loom is the first game in the franchise that never was, and is a great adventure game from the golden era of LucasArts. While featuring some great puzzles it is also funny and has a solid, intriguing and fully voiced story. The lack of inventory and the musical interface is a bit different but works very well. The only downside is that the story suffers in the end as it lays ground for two sequels that never happened.

Pros & Cons 

+ Great puzzles 
+ Good story with funny and well acted dialogue
- Missing a proper ending

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    Loom is the first game I’ve played for this project where anything made any sense at all. I see it as a herald of a beautiful new age.Loom takes place in a world where guilds and magic are everywhere. The world isn’t necessarily totally internally logical, but I’m not going to hold that against the game too much. You play as Bobbin Threadbare, a young member of the Guild of Weavers. Weavers use their staves to perform musical note-based magic spells that can “weave” the fabric of reality.As fant...

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