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Loopy Lane is a street in Toontown Online that is part of Toontown Central.

Cog Information

 Cog appearance percentages:
  • Bossbot - 10%
  • Lawbot - 70%
  • Sellbot - 10%
  • Cashbot - 10%
Cog Maximums 
  • Street Level Cog - Level 3
  • Maximum Cog Building Stories - 3 Stories
  • Maximum Cog Building Cog Level - Level 7


Loopy Lane  has 25 different locations that can be visited. 
 Loopy Lane

  • Seltzer Bottles (And Cans!)
  • Vanishing Cream
  • Used Firecrackers
  • Daffy Diner
  • Visible Ink
  • The Kaboomery
  • Sidesplitter's Mending
  • Crack Up Auto Repair
  • Suction Cups and Saucers
  • Jest for Laughs
  • Soup and Crack Ups
  • Sanjay's Stomach Stuffers
  • Cast Iron Kites

  • Bottled Cans
  • Trolley Troubles
  • Laughing Hours Cafe
  • Chortle Cafe
  • Toontown Post Office
  • Blue Glue Direct 2 You
  • Spaghetti and Goofballs
  • Toontown Tummy Tickler
  • Wiseacre's Noise Makers
  • Brave Little Tailor
  • 14 Karat Goldfish
  • News for the Amused

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