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National Pokedex No. #428 
Species: Rabbit Pokemon 
Type: Normal 
Abilities: Cute Charm or Klutz 
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 73.4 lbs 
A Buneary evolves into a Lopunny via Happiness. 
They can be found in forests and grasslands. 

Pokedex Entry

Diamond: An extremely cautious Pokemon. It cloaks is body with it fluffy ear fur when it senses danger. 
Pearl: It is very conscious of it looks and never fails to groom its ears. It runs with sprightly jumps. 
Platinum: The ears appear to be delicate. If they are touched roughly, it kicks with its graceful legs. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: It sheds its fur twice a year. In winter is fur is soft and fluffy.

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