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Lord Crull is very ambitious, especially for being a World Eater who are notorious for being interested only in kiilling for the sheer pleasure that it would bring to the Chaos God Khorne. His goal of attaining an imperator class titan would allow him to strike fear into the very hearts of all nearby sectors of the galaxy. Unfortunately, he has a great many obstacles in his path, namely the combined forces of eldar and imperial guard as well as the Waagh under Gorgutz. During the course of the campaign he forms an extremely short-lived truce with Gorgutz in order to combat the 412th Cadian infantry regiment and Ulthwé strike forces. The truce inevitably ends when Gorgutz unveils his plan to destroy the titan. Depending on the ending, Crull either accomplishes his goal or is mercillesly cut down and his head put on a stick. The canonical ending, however, involves the latter taking place. In Dark Crusade, also depending on the ending, Lord Crull's skull is retrieved by Eliphas the Inheritor to be added to Khorne's throne of skulls.

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