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Gongos is the diminutive, but well-loved king of the forest kingdom of Bozack. He is unfailingly courageous, and totally straightforward if not always terribly sharp. As a playable character, Gongos is one of the most durable and physically powerful, but lacks the sort of attacks that can destroy large numbers of troops.

His attacks are Cross Flash, Cross Rush and Sky Diver.

Gongos Army

Gongos initial army is a close-knit group, closer to a clan than a tribe, as his four loyal generals are all siblings. While they are a force great in physical strength, they lack variety as all bar Katt use beasts.

RYGAR - Gongos's childhood friend, he is known for his loyalty, intelligence and composure. The other generals are his younger siblings. He is the obligatory high-ability general, and this one of the game's best beastmen.

BAHGIB - A somewhat undisciplined warrior who believes his ferocity and quick-temper make him an unbeatable fighter. He can also be chauvanistic towards women. While his attributes aren't as high as his brother's he often has better MP growth.

KATT - Katt's magic abilities are rare amongst the beast tribes. She is tougher than most mages and has a fairly unique skillset. Her Golem spell is great, especially against other units with projectile troops, and her Summon Reaper spell is perfect for tougher enemies, but should be used carefully.

YUNI - The youngest of the family, she is energetic and carefree and throws herself into battle frequently. While she suffers from poor command, she has considerable physical strength.

Storyline enemies

Three years ago, Gongos' father saw off a rebellion by a renegade Beastman named Gunner and banished him. Now, Gunner returns to make another attempt to take over Bozack.

GUNNER - A ferocious Beastman descended from the Beast King Leviathan, he believes can lead the beast tribes to greater glory than Gongos. Despite low staring MP, he is one of the better beastman generals, and becomes loyal when recruited by Gongos.

SILVA - A young beastwoman loyal to Gunner, she has also had a previous romantic entanglement with Baghib. Has good strength but low, though not terrible, command. A solid beastman general. She becomes loyal when enlisted, but often won't join if she is captured after Gunner is recruited.

RYKKER & NORSE - A mercenary duo composed of a large female knight and a small male fighter, they are fairly average units who benefit from using troops rare to the region. However, whereas Rykker's cavalry is a considerable asset in a region full of samurai, Norse's soldiers don't fully redeem him.

YUUG - Although he is supposed to back Gunner up, this cowardly mage never takes part in battle, and is secretly working for Fandaria's Gaul.

Story Mode

In Gongos scenario, he is the last to learn that he is one of the heroes chosen by the Goddess Astea, and thus the other monarchs in the game won't ally with him until the end of the game. This handicaps the player somewhat as the other monarchs are amongst the most powerful generals in the game, but can provide some welcomed variety as players are encouraged to depend on generals that they might otherwise neglect.

Gongos is also one of only two monarchs who is able to recruit the powerful general Zanon, but this only seems to be possible near the end of the game, where he isn't needed as much.

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