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Nethryn is a high elf cleric and one of the most devout servants of Tunare in all of Norrath. Centuries ago, he served on a council of clerics and one knight that acted as judge, jury, and executioner for those who had become infected with the disease of vampirism. This was not a job that the council enjoyed, but it was what was necessary for the good of the high elves and wood elves as well. Mayong Mistmoore, the vampire lord in the nearby Lesser Faydark, was the one behind the accelerated expansion of the affliction. The priests did all they could, but no cure could be found. Nethryn's dedication to the Mother of All led to his invitation to the Realm of Heroes, but, after many years, Tunare has requested he return to the mortal realm. Nethryn remembers the last girl that the council had condemned to death, but the girl's mother delivered her to Mistmoore Castle in a last ditch effort to beg for a cure. The girl now is a servant in the castle, and Nethryn seeks a hero that will help him resolve this matter.



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