mouse scrolling ???

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ok i have been going crazy trying to figure out how to fix this. in game the mouse scrolling is ridiculously fast and making the game unplayable now. I've been searching everywhere for a patch or update or anything to help control this so i can play and can not actually find anything that will work.  does anyone have any clue how to fix this? i would really really like to play this again.
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@posha627: If you've got the Special Edition of Lords of Magic then use this unofficial patch which allows you to change the mouse settings (don't know if it works for the regular copy. I haven't touched mine in years.) If you're really desperate you can always twiddle around with the mouse settings on Windows.
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Wow... I actually got it to work finally. Thank you so much! Didn't think I could figure it out there for a moment. It is so much better now. Now I can let my husband play without him getting so frustrated as well. I am very grateful. :)

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