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Helping Lork and the Crakneks starts out fairly simply. His brother, Nork, recently lost an arm to an alligator in Innothule Swamp. Avenging his brother will earn Lork's trust, and lead to information that must be kept secret. Another Craknek member, Uglan, is working in Neriak, but he is actually a spy for the guild as they have become suspicious of their indigo allies. When it is discovered that the dark elves have forged an alliance with the orcs of Faydwer, this sends the Crakneks into a frenzy. Lork will put a bounty on the heads of both Ambassador K`Ryn in Oggok and Ambassador D`Vinn in Crushbone. Completing this task is one of the way of obtaining the much sought after Crude Stein.




  • Clurg
  • Craknek Warriors

Related Quests

  • Crude Stein

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