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Hudson's last hurrah 0

Lost in Shadow is one of the last hurrahs of veteran Japanese game developer Hudson Soft before being absorbed by Konami, and one of the company’s most original offerings.  Hudson Soft had survived through the past decade by rehashing its classic game franchises like Bomberman, which probably didn’t help keep the company solvent.  It’s a shame they didn’t make more games like Lost in Shadow, an original 2.5D puzzle-platform game that succeeds in being one of the Wii’s better titles. The m...

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The Fatal Second Act 0

 Lost in Shadow does a lot of interesting things with its aesthetic as well. To get a feel for what Lost in Shadow is like, imagine the first dungeon in a Legend of Zelda game. You're alone, you see a lot of darkness, you're picking up new weapons, and learning the intricacies of how the rest of the game will play out. Most of the puzzles are simple, but a few of them can be tough to get through. Before the rest of Hyrule opens up, you have to work with a limited tool set, and that can be a spec...

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Lost in Shadow Review. 0

Lost is Shadow subscribes to the theory that less is more when it comes to the look and story.   With a look that is similar to the PS2 game ICO, does this puzzle platformer have the capability to hold up next to the aforementioned ICO? First off, Lost in the Shadow is small when it comes to its story.   The game picks up with a boy hanging from chains at the top of a very tall tower.   A knight hooded character comes out of the tower and uses a sword to stab the boy.   The boys shadow falls fr...

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Don't Come Out of the Shadow 0

Often in games, shadows are nothing more than minor details we look at when deciding how good the graphics are. But what if the entire story of a game revolved around these barely acknowledged details? Lost in Shadow from Hudson Entertainment begins at the top of a mighty tower that stretches far beyond the clouds. There, someone who looks like a cheap Darth Vader wannabe strikes a boy in chains with a sword and the boy’s shadow slips away. The cloaked figure then takes the shadow and flings i...

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Lost in Shadow Review 0

Lost In Shadow is a game for the Wii in which you will get to step into the shoes of your shadow. You will find that you have been thrusted off the top of the tower, well at least your shadow will fall the length of the tower. You will then have to navigate the world all the way back up the tower by running in the shadow of what lies in the foreground.Graphically this has the feel of a Wii game written all over it, yes the artistic style is unique, but in the foreground you're going to find a lo...

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