Immortality *major spoilers*

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So, in the game the story reveals that the so-called "immortals" are actually just beings from another world where time flows differently (1000 years here = 1 year there).  My question is does the game actually ever explain why they can't die, say, by swords or magic? (excluding that whole "their spirit can die if the pain is too great" cop-out around the time Ghotza froze)  Immortality and Invincibility are different things.

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I don't think it ever did. I think that's just one thing that they leave up to the imagination, because it is pretty stupid how Kaim's clothes don't burn off when the larva meteor falls on him. It is kind of hard to understand, because if they can be knocked out then they would have to feel some sort of pain, but that also doesn't make any sense at the start of the game when Kaim just walks out of the meteor crash unharmed, wouldn't he be in extream pain?.  With the whole "their spirit can die if the pain is too great" thing, I think it means that the phisical pain is so strong, that their internal spirits can't bare the torture, or something like that.

Yeah, it's confusing, probaly best not to think about it to much.

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yeh. i dont get it to be honest with ya :D

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