Should I use a FAQ?

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I just rented Lost Odyssey and I am wondering if I should use a FAQ or if I should push my way through it?

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Depends how long you have it rented for. It's a 40 hour game, so if you are on a time limit, you may as well, just to see all the story. Otherwise, see it how it was meant to be seen. Missing items and stuff does not matter for Lost Odyssey has an auction house to buy all that stuff.

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Well, I'm renting it from Gamefly so time really isn't really an issue.

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Dude, go ahead.

You shouldn't really need it for much other than bosses.

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A FAQs isn't really needed for this game except for locating items and such. So if your not out to getting everything in 1 run, just play it and use the FAQs if you get stuck.

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I just hate wandering around in open world and RPG games but as long as this game isn't too confusing or hard I'll probably just use a FAQ if it's needed.

Thanks for the advice.

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