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The best JRPG currently on 360

The game begins with Kaim fighting on a battle field, chopping down soldiers no problem, but then out of no where comes this meteor falling from the sky. Kaim manages to survive without a scratch. Not knowing how he is still alive and not having any memory of his past he begins his journey.

Like many RPG's you will meet up with new characters as your progress through the games story. With the game being about 60+ hours to beat, it many take several hours before you meet some key characters from the story.

Leveling up is also present in this RPG, with a maximum of level 99 for all your characters. Depending on how tough the enemies you are fighting, you will level up accordingly.

Lost Odyssey is divided into 4 disks. The first 3 disks will last you between 5-10 hours each. Disk 4 the one you will spend playing the most, specially if you try to go for all of the achievements in the game, which will take just over 100 hours for the average gamer.

Powered by the Unreal 3.0 game engine, Lost Odyssey is a good looking game, but not great. Compared to other Unreal 3 powered games (Gears of War), Lost Odyssey falls short.

There are some very cool innovative features in the games gameplay, such as being able to assemble rings, and the skill link system. You can assemble rings to each one of your characters. Some rings will increase your characters attack power, some will give your attacks fire damage, and some will give you up to 3 different types of attack attributes. The rings only work on regular attacks, not spells. Then there is the skill link system, which is only for Immortals. Mortals are the only ones who can learn skills, so Immortals have to learn skills from them. To equip a skill your want to learn, just link a skill from anyone of your Mortals to your Immortal Character. Then you will have to fight battles and gain SP so your Immortal can learn the equipped skill.

For anyone looking for a JRPG on the 360 or is in need for a good story driven game, i recommend Lost Odyssey.

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