jkerr51's Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360) review

instant classic

With so much hype going into Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey at the same time, it was hard to not get excited if you are an RPG fan. With the lack-luster performance of Blue Dragon, my expectations were drastically lowered for Lost Odyssey. 

This may have actually been a good thing. Lost Odyssey was everything I was hoping it could be. 

Overall, the graphics are amazing. There are some frame-rate issues, but not too bad. One thing missing from many JRPGs is visual change of the characters based on changes in equipment. All accessories and weapons are actually displayed on your characters be it swords, glasses, or flowers. 

Possibly the best aspect of the game in my opinion is the game play. If you are nostalgic for classic JRPGs, you will feel at home with the turn-based game play in this game. 

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