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Final Fantasy Rival?


Spoilers, Bad Language!

Having finished Blue Dragon only quite a while before picking up Lost Odyssey at launch, I have to say that it feels that some content from Blue Dragon was inserted to Lost Odyssey (such as: some locations and creatures). 

  • The baseline of the story is quite interesting to me but I have to say, some plot-based content is ridiculous.  I'm talking about "Grand Staff", which is literally a big ass flying staff structure.  WTF?!  
  • Some CGI's are great and well produced but most of them are not necessary (like a short, un-interesting 30 second cutscene). 
  • Music is good apart from the song "Eclipse of Time", which is just terrible to listen to.
  • The English characters' voices suit the characters APART from Cooke and Mack.  The Japanese characters' voices don't match the characters at all.
  • Some locations seem to be taken from Blue Dragon (such as: the Ice Canyon area).
  • The controls could've been mapped better.  Mapping the Left Trigger to Zoom into the game is pointless.  They could've just defaulted the character to always run instead of holding down the X button.  Also, mapping the Walking to the Left or Right Trigger would be better suited.
  • Graphics seem okay.  I never really got that "WOW!" feeling.
  • Achievements are better than Blue Dragon's.  They're traditional Achievements that you would expect in RPG's.  I still hate that Mistwalker kept the "Treasure Achievement" because (IMO) collecting EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the game is NOT "completing the game 100%".  Completing 100% of an RPG would involve completing all side-quests and other optional content (such as: defeating all optional bosses).

In conclusion, Lost Odyssey is a step forward from Blue Dragon for Mistwalker, however, competing with past Final Fantasy games (Final Fantasy VII ~ X-2) - it just doesn't match up.
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