An informative and positive Lost Planet 2 review

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Found this one on YT. I thought it was quite direct, straight to the point, and kinda shows the game for what it is. 

He convinced me to at least try the game out sometime in the future, that's for sure.
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cue another Brad-Hate session. The OP does not intend it..but it'll happen

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I feel like you might be shilling your own youtube review. 

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This totally is not mine. This is someone else's. I'm just spreading it to at least let others be informed of the game a bit more, if they haven't already from Brad's review. It's just a different, more direct view that I'm presenting here.

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A blatant Lost Planet fanboy says Lost Planet is good?  Dat iz amahzun.  
"Reviewers are teh biased"
"They are teh stupidz uze ur brians"
"Really well designed package" -LOL 
Just because you agree with a review doesn't mean it's "direct" and "shows it for what it is". Regardless of his viewpoint, it was bad.  All he did was repeat "this game is good, it doesn't suck" for eight minutes.
I also find the whole "the gameplay isn't horrible, you simply have to be smart to play it right" argument funny.  Bad game design is bad game design. 

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@MAN_FLANNEL: He didn't seem that fanboy-ish to me. But whatever you see fit...
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I have a better one

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cause in a game, only the "good" things matter

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I'm watching his, but I'm seeing brad's : |

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