Gamespot: Now Playing: Lost Planet 2

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Gamespot are running a live demo of Lost Planet 2 tomorrow afternoon at 4.00pm PT (Wednesday 5th May), while doing so they'll be answering questions from registered members as they usually do.  It's worth submitting a question or two now if you have any:      

I'll bump this thread with the shows embed once it's up and running, I'll also post a recording for those who aren't able to watch it live. In the mean time, here's a couple of recent videos:  
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Cool, can't wait. Definitely would like to see more.

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Sweet, thanks for the reminder.

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@Linkyshinks said:

Who let the predator in?
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the game looks awesome but I want to murder the two guys that wear talking. 
They were painfully unfunny and dickish

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How much ad space did Capcom buy from Gamespot ? Never forget !

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@bartok said:
" How much ad space did Capcom buy from Gamespot ? Never forget ! "
Yeah, cause commercial pressures never happen at any other site, right?

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