Lost Planet 2 capcom unlockables?

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Does anyone have a list of unlockables? I have a fair share of capcom saves on my hard drive, (all though not all of them, damn different hard drives), so I'm wondering just what I got, because as far as I can tell, not much.

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Not a complete list but... 
Legendary Warrior  - have a save of Lost planet on your HD 
Decorated Soldier - same as above 
BSAA - have a save of RE5 on your HD 
Albert Wesker character parts - same as above
Just a few. I'll check GameFAQs later. 
Devil May Cry - have saved game of DMC4 on your HD 
I played the Demo - have a saved game of the LP2 demo on your HD 
Street Fighter - have asaved game of SFIV on your HD 
Frank West character parts - have a saved game of Lost Planet on your HD
A list of every item that may be unlocked by possessing a saved game of another Capcom title on your HD.

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