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@jakob187 said:
" Here's all I have to say: 
Monster Hunter 3, rated 8.8 by IGN.  They commend the controls (which are commonly considered slow and sluggish). They commend the challenge involved in repeatedly fighting the same bosses over and over to learn their patterns, while mentioning that this style of play may not be for everyone.They talk about how "laziness and lack of focus can swiftly lead to failure", talking about the level of challenge that the game presents.  Essentially, that review took the game for WHAT IT WAS, not WHAT THEY WANTED IT TO BE!  This Lost Planet 2 review seems like they are basically saying "hey, we thought this was going to be Gears of War...and it's not".  I could go on forever, but to commend a game like Monster Hunter 3 which has a lot of the same "limitations" that Lost Planet 2 shares (specific control designs and speeds, lengthy "activation" animations, etc.)...then BASH Lost Planet 2 for the same shit...is just asinine in my eyes. "
Those games were reviewed by 2 different people. 
When you have Marcus and Dom as unlockable characters and they DON'T play like they are supposed to... all that really does it highlight the faults in your game even more.

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