LP2 Tips & Tricks

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I'm digging Lost Planet 2.
Here are a few tips I've found kind of useful both through experimentation & reading other forums.

  • You can put down your currently selected weapon by holding Y + pressing RT
  • Bonus boxes & tang*  can be grabbed with the grappling hook.
  • Night-vision goggles + Sniper Rifle = easier headshots
  • Not sure how to phrase this one succinctly. In co-op, boxes & tang cannot be stolen by teammates. Even if you pick up a box it will still appear on a teammates screen until a) they pick it up or b) it disappears.

More to come if I find anything else worthy of unofficial documentation.
Any tips/tricks you guys have found useful?
Almost forgot, this video is instructive:

*aka T-ENG
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One thing I hate is that People are calling T-ENG tang -_- 
But did you also know you can remove Battle Armour
Crouch + Y/Triangle + Right Trigger/R1

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holy crap how did he go from wall grab to rappel?

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@BTHRZeroX: Thanks for the tip, didn't know that one! Sorry for any offense. I guess I'll just call it "juice".  ;-)

@masterpaperlink: Yeah, I'm trying to figure that one out too. Didn't even notice that until you mentioned it. My line always seems to release or reel up if I press any buttons! His whole throwing grenade & shotgunning works great though. I've found that useful in many situations!

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Thanks for the tips!

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@iTreefish said:
" @BTHRZeroX: Thanks for the tip, didn't know that one! Sorry for any offense. I guess I'll just call it "juice".  ;-)
HAHA no worrys I am just an LP Junkie ignore me at times lol
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@masterpaperlink: I still can't seem to get that repelling to work. I wonder if it was only in the multiplayer demo...
@BTHRZeroX:  Haha! Yeah, an S rank on all versions of LP1 definitely shows your dedication! ; ) 

  •  3-3 Giant-cannon-train-boss-fight:  When the giant worm does his ramming (or is it biting?) attack, anchor yourself to the side of something. This seems to prevent knock back. If you're on the roof of the cannon train, you can stick yourself to the sides of the boxes that energize the shells; in the train with the coolant mechanisms, try aiming just above the juice hydrants. There you can be safe & fill up on T-ENG.
EDIT: A question for others, do emotes (perhaps more specifically the ones in the "communication" section) actually issue orders to bots? My friend and I have noticed them reacting to emotes like "over there" and such (and not just by golf clapping or performing other emotes themselves), but we're unsure if these are just freak occurrences.
RE-EDIT: Yeah, those were just freak occurrences...
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You go from a wall grab to a rappel by crouching during the wall grab

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