MT Framework 2.0 - 3D Ready - Lost Planet 2 3D Update?

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Enterbrain's CEO Hirokazu Hamamura recently gave a lecture at a game industry event in Japan, during his lecture he said Sony was in in full gear as far as it's 3D technology, and that third parties were attempting to follow suit. He said Capcom's MT Framework  2.0 game engine, which powers the likes of Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5, is 3D ready, he stated that the development code for both Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5 can support 3D. I wonder if Lost Planet 2 might get some sort of 3D update in the future, I could see it happening with Lost Planet 2, but not so much with Resident Evil, I think Capcom are done with that, after all the DLC. Recently, Shinji Mikami spoke about the evolution of the horror genre, saying that he and his new company "Tango",  would love to create a 3D horror game, I think his words may have sparked Capcom into gear about Resident Evil 6. 
 I happen to think Lost Planet 2 in 3D would look pretty awesome. 

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3D technology translates pretty well to modern 3D games so I'd say this is a good thing.

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I hope Capcom address this issue at e3.

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why is 3D so important. Its not even good yet.

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This would be incredibly forward-thinking on their part. If they can keep the graphics of the same high quality with no hitches in rendering, then it makes Ninja Theory's claims a moot point.

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Well I know NVidia show cased the PC version of Lost Planet 2 and it was meant to have shown it in 3D

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Neat. Forward thinking indeed. 3D will eventually become standard, but I don't expect it to happen in the MT Framework 2.0 era... unless in 2025 capcom will start releasing games on old tech for the sake of nostalgia like Megaman 9/10 recently were.

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