Soldier achievment?

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i beat LP2 on normal but i didn't receive the achievement has anyone else experience this?

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This is a relatively common issue. It may be because you didn't complete every episode on the same difficulty or that you didn't complete every area of every episode (possibly because you joined an online game after the players had already cleared an area before you joined). There's also a hidden path in 1-2 (I think).
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@Azure_Valkyrie: yea sounds like i'm boned then because i really don't feel like doing that all over again, thanks though.
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You don't actually need to replay the entire campaign if you didn't get it. Just replay the areas that you missed during your first playthrough (including the secret path in 1-2 if you didn't find it during your first playthrough).
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Thanks for posting that video. I'm going to try it out right now and see if that solves the issue.
Edit: I didn't get it at all. I'm going through the entire game now on Hard so I'll see if that unlocks anything,

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