Still functioning on PC with GFWL?

#1 Posted by Wampa1 (814 posts) -

I'm considering picking this up since it's under £3 on gamefly, but I can't find confirmation that it still activates with GFWL. I'm also curious if there's anyone in the community who'd be tempted to either start playing or jump back in on PC, since I know the game is co-op focused.

#2 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

I believe it still activates on GFWL. I'm not playing it, but there should be a bump in players going online in the game because it just had a huge sale on Steam. Check the game's Steam community forum to find people to play with.

#3 Posted by ThunderSlash (2414 posts) -

It should still work. I played some Resident Evil 5 using GFWL yesterday.

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