Are you buying Lost Planet 3 this Tuesday?

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Holy crap since when did they change the main characters appearance to look like Nicholas Cage? Incoming Alex Navarro review.

He actually looks more like a bearded John Cusack than Nicholas cage.

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On a side note, LP2 had some cool things going for it, though overall it needed a lot of improvement. I also recently just played through the most of the first one, and apart from the fact that it should be called "Getting Knocked Down: The Video Game", I thought it was pretty good.

Me and my friends always refer to it as "Stunlock: The Game". I think that was the first Capcom game that gave me the feeling that they were suffering from Too Many Cooks-syndrome.

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Honestly, the prequel stuff turns me off. I liked Lost Planet 2, and I'd rather have another sequel. Don't really like the way the gameplay looks in this, and I don't trust Spark that much. So probably not. Also, I literally had no idea that it came out this week.

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@yummylee: well seems like I'll be checking this game out in afew months, and It's probably going to be the last LP game sadly.

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