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@ares42 said:

I find it sorta ironic that we live in this "world" where we're told that the mid-tier games no longer exist, but every time one of them pops up everyone shits on it like it's the worst garbage ever. Makes me wonder if it's really the mid-tier games that are gone, or if it's just that people only accept excellence these days.

Yeah, it's definitely the latter and it's not just isolated with gaming. You see this shit with movies, comics, or any form of pop-culture really. That's why I don't depend on review scores. Hell, Sniper Elite V2 was critically murdered and it was quite honestly one of my favourite games of 2012, even though it went up against titles like Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2 (360), Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, GR: Future Soldier, and Far Cry 3.

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I actually played and beaten this game afew weeks ago. Overall it was a pretty fun game that I enjoyed, story was the highlight.

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