Worm Rant (Explicit Language)

#1 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -

Even though I have a headache, I just hit myself in the head. I'm so pissed off right now. Trying to play Chapter 3 on Extreme is the worst -- there are no checkpoints (save for the boss fight). I go through the same 10 minute routine, then I run out and try to get the Target Mark and guess what.

The stupid fucking worm eats me.
Or the stupid fucking worm shoots those explosive pods that knock you down.
Or the stupid fucking worm shoots those explosive pods that have already knocked you down, but you get up while it's still happening, get hit again, and die.

I'm so glad I could get that out. God damn worm. Oh right, and he shakes the screen so much. My forehead is throbbing right now. Fuck.

#2 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

Yeah, there are some really bullshit parts to that game.  I haven't even finished the whole thing yet.

#3 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3529 posts) -

go on easy and kill the worm

then go back to extreme

it will make you feel better 
#4 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

The worm ain't no joke, man.  You've gotta learn the tricks of the trade for that fight.  I don't remember exactly how to do it, as I've only seen cadillac_dro do it over and over again (he's annihilated that damn game).  Either way, I can't remember if it just outright keeps you from being knocked over or if it is a quick recovery from the knockback.

I'll ask him how he went about the whole thing, maybe try to record it and upload it, then I'll hit you back if you haven't already beaten it by then.
#5 Posted by raven_squad (441 posts) -

I remember exactly how your feeling right now... that worm was definitely a pain in the ass. 

#6 Posted by RichieJohn (537 posts) -

i still love this game though even though it does kick your ass. Something very old school about it. 
Can't wait for the sequel.

#7 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I went through the whole game not knowing how to zoom in. That game can be really annoying. :p
#8 Posted by L33tfella_H (925 posts) -

Lost Planet was pretty ok, i remember running through alot of the earlier stuff, then somewhere around chapter 4-5, the game started feeling a bit stale..but in general it was ok, i think LP2 might solve most of the issues i had with the first one.
one thing that REALLY bothered me about that game was the recovery animation (it happens EVERY fucking time..a pebble could probably hit you and you'd go through the animation)

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