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In the latest Bombcast (04-03-2012) there was question on Lost Via Domus where Ryan mentioned he made a review for it. Can anyone find it? I searched google and the only lead made a link to Giantbomb which showed the 404 page. Has it been lost in the ether forever?

It was found in the wayback machine here

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Yeah, it appears to be

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They talk about it on the 3-18-2008 podcast.

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You're the dude from Iran? Yup, they answered your question in the email section.

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@LiquidSwords: I have reached all of my goals in life. Ryan said (And tormented) my name in the Giantbombcast. I can die happy now.

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@Milkman: Damn you!

@Lucien_Lachance said:

They talk about it on the 3-18-2008 podcast.

Thanks I guess that will do - but man is it dissapointing for the actually written article to be stuck in the void of the internet

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@Daiphyer said:



You're the dude from Iran? Yup, they answered your question in the email section.

Like LiquidSwords said, they certainly did (starting around 2:46:00)

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@BisonHero: Oh thanks. I sort of looked through the Lost Via Domus forum but must have missed it. Thanks. It makes it even weirder though that Ryan said to go check it out in the bombcast today... Darn.

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@Dixavd: Maybe now that Patrick said he wants to go see it, they will finally get it back on the site?

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@Daiphyer: Maybe. I doubt it though - I bet they don't remember and in any case if it is anywhere (and in the unlikely case they have it) it will probably be lost in a tiny document in one of a couple hundred hard drives they have to search through - so I think it will be lost forever, they might find it though.

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I want to read this, a shame it 404'd. Fix this!

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Any chance it's trapped in the Wayback Machine somewhere?

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@Ravenlight: Yeah I searched for a while (using the date of the games release and the bombcast where they mentioned it) and no luck; I couldn't find it at all.

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Couldn't find it, would love to read it.

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The ending of the game, I looked it up, is really really curious and adds a tiny bit to the series finale.

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@vorpalparasite Woho, thanks.
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@Milkman said:

Yeah, it appears to be

That's so cheesy but I can't stop laughing.

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@vorpalparasite said:


Thanks, I tried looking for it in the wayback machine with no luck - amazed you found it.

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It says on Metacritic Giantbomb gave the game a score of 40 which means two stars, right? Anyways, the link just leads to a 404 page, so I guess it's gone.

EDIT: here is the quote from the review

Instead of making excuses for Lost: Via Domus, I would just recommend that everyone but the most die-hard of Lost fans take a pass on this one.


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Yeah I found that before but luckily @vorpalparasite found the full thing:


Here it is as a link

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@Management: All URLs from that era are non-functional, so it's no surprise. Metacritic, GameRankings and the like had to change the URLs when the site launched for real, but that one was never updated because the review never made the transition.

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I enjoyed that game, not even a huge Lost fan, but the game was decent, didn't outstay its welcome, no particular section was offensively bad or ill-conceived, they even did a decent job with the smoke monster and varied up the gameplay enough throughout to keep it interesting. Plus it was easy points. Perfect example of how to make a TV show video game if you ask me. But I'm not saying people should be making TV show video games.

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