Season 2 of Lost

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Just started watching Lost and I'm near the end of season two and have been enjoying so far but, man, Michael fucking sucks ass.
That'll be all.

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You'll be delighted or disappointed to hear that what could have been very interesting for this role has largely fallen victim to the writer's strike in one of the following seasons.
However, enjoy seasons 3-6 of LOST. You're in for quite a ride.

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Michael doesn't suck. You want to fight me?

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@Baillie said:
" Michael doesn't suck. You want to fight me? "
Yeah!  he killed a cop you know.  Though he regrets it and he doesn't want to sell drugs in OZ.
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His only shortcoming is that he shot Libby? Is that her name? The one Hurley was into. Rodriguez being shot was all win win win though.

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@Meowayne said:
"  enjoy seasons 3-6 of LOST. You're in for quite a ride. "
YEAH !!!
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Can I expect the show to jump the shark anytime soon, or at all?  It's been rock solid since I've started watching it.  Halfway season 3, by the way.

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