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LostWinds Review 0

Wii Ware launched yesterday, and I couldn't wait to get home to download a copy of LostWinds. LostWinds is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer where you control a little guy named Toku with the nunchuck, and the wind spirit Enril with Wii remote. Toku will automatically jump off of ledges and climb up things, like Zelda games, but will need the aid of Enril to boost him along. By pressing the A button and flicking a gust of air under Toku you can give him an extra boost and get him across longer pa...

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Wii's Golden Age Begins 0

WiiWare launched a day before my writing this review, and I'm so very glad the platform is finally here. Though Galaxy was great, and we're still getting some mileage out of Brawl, my family's Wii hasn't seen a whole lot of use as of late. The thing is, we still have three consoles (GCN, PS2 and Xbox, not including GBAs and DSes) from last generation, which have great libraries of games to play, and the Wii hasn't actually wowed us yet with Wii-specific gameplay. Along comes WiiWare, and LostWin...

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What WiiWare is all about 0

With the launch of WiiWare in the US players are finally getting a chance to sample to wares of the smaller developers we've been waiting for for a while now. LostWinds is one of those titles that doesn't come along very often. It's a brilliant effort for a new service that shouldn't be overlooked. This game is everything many big retail games aren't. First off let's start with controls. You control the main character Toku with the nunchuk. Toku is a small child that isn't your typical "hero". ...

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Great Ideas Meet Poor Execution 0

Pro    LostWinds will provide you with excitement as you venture into an interesting world that has beautiful artistic direction as well as technical merit.  The world created for your adventure is filled with cute inhabitants who seem interesting but have nothing really to offer.  The platforming is intuitive but remains fairly stale throughout the game while new abilities are unlocked but don't manage to dazzle.  The only real reason why the game merits an average score is because there is ton...

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Lost Winds, a WiiWare must 0

May 2008 saw the release of Wiiware, the Wii's game download service. Like the virtual console, it's accessed through the Wii shop channel but all the games on offer are brand new. Frontier Developments have produced Lostwinds for the service. Of the 6 games available on the release of Wiiware, Lostwinds was one of two games, along with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King, that seemed the most like complete projects, as opposed to lightweight puzzle or high-score offerings. [CENT...

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Almost Great 0

    Though they’re a developer with a heavy background in the theme park tycoon genre, Frontier Developments has brought about one of themost atmospheric title’s the Wii has seen in LostWinds. Combine that with intuitive Wii controls, you’ve got yourself a steal for $10 (1,000 Wii Points.)     The story in LostWinds begins with your protagonist, Toku, waking up to a bit of wind. Soon thereafter he falls off a cliff and picks up a stone that holds the world’s Wind Spirit inside. That’s all fantas...

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The Score Whore Ultimate Review: LostWinds 0

What makes a great game review?  Is it thoughtful analysis of the themes and meaning behind the game?  Is it a detailed list of flaws and successes in mechanics and presentation? Of course not!  It's the freaking SCORE! So here it is, The Score Whore Ultimate Review of LostWinds for WiiWare. Graphics: 9/11 Sound: 8/11 Gameplay: 8/11 Fun: 9/11 Overall: 9/11 * Scoring is on a scale of 0 to 11, because some games are Eternity's Child and some games are Super Mario World....

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Final Thoughts: LostWinds 0

LostWinds is the perfect title to illustrate the potential of WiiWare. It features the two things I consider to be most important for games on the service to be a success: 1) Wii-optimized mechanics; and 2) a high value ratio. Number 1 is simple: The game is custom-tailored to the Wii's unique controls. Games that don't take advantage of the many opportunities the Wii controller presents are completely missing the boat (and the whole point). Number 2 is simple math. Is the price worth the experi...

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An enjoyable, but short title 0

LostWinds stands out as one of the best WiiWare launch titles.  The game makes excellent use of the Wiimote—you use the pointer and wrist motions to control the wind, your character, and to manipulate elements such as water and fire.  Controlling your character is a breeze—you move Toku with the analogue stick, and make him perform techniques by moving the Wiimote to utilize the wind.  Your wind powers can be used in clever ways—you can float across seemingly endless chasms, blow fire from a tor...

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A Great, If Easy, Platformer 0

LostWinds was one of the first big titles to be released on the Wii's WiiWare shop.  The game, released in 2008 for 1000 Wii points (or $10), tells the story of a young boy named Toku who, with the help of the wind spirit Enril, attempts to rid his world of a curse.  This simple story, backed by great gameplay, makes LostWinds a must own for all Wii owners.  The story of LostWinds is very simple.  It serves a singular purpose; provide a reason for the gamplay.  I found myself only half intereste...

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