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After Flemeth saves The Warden and Alistair from the Battle of Ostagar, and her and Morrigan heal their wounds and restore their strength in The Korcari Wilds, the Wardens decide they must gather aid to amass an army to stand with Grey Wardens against The Blight. Flemeth insists they take Morrigan with them on their quest; Morrigan suggests that their first stop be the village of Lothering to gather supplies.
Two new characters can join the party Lothering: 

  • Leliana, a bard who fled Orlais and joined the Chantry in Ferelden, aids the party when they are attacked by a group of Loghain's men in an inn. She tells The Warden that she received a message from The Maker compelling her to fight The Blight and that she thinks joining The Warden's party would be the best way to do this.
  •  The Warden finds Sten, a Qunari warrior, locked in a cage having been imprisoned by The Templars for a crime he freely admits to and believes he should be punished for his loss of control. If Sten is freed he joins the party, but he takes some convincing that fighting Darkspawn and stopping The Blight would be a way to redeem himself and regain his honour.
Dragon Age II will begin with Hawke fleeing Lothering and the Blight for The Free Marshes.

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