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Yoshi is ready to win big in the Lottery Shop. 
The Lottery Shop is a shop that appeared in Mario Party 4. When you first enter it, you'll receive a Lucky Party Ticket which can be used later in the Last Five Turns Event, then you pay 5 coins to play. You could win mushrooms or even a lot of coins if you play well! There are two games that you can play in the shop. Here are the two games that you can play in the lottery shop. 

Lottery Games 

  • Scratch Ticket - In the Scratch Ticket game, players can can scratch off one card to reveal a number. If a player scratches off a card that says 'Try Again', then you get nothing. Reveal a '3', and you'll earn a mushroom, a '2' will give you 30 coins, and if a '1' is revealed, then 100 coins will be yours! To play this game, you have to pick a scratch card and once you pick that card, use the Control Stick to scratch it off. Keep scratching until you get a number or Try Again.
  • Lottery Ball - In this game, players can take a chance at the Lottery Ball. Just give that Control Stick a whirl, and a ball will come out. There are four colors in the Lottery Ball game: gold, white, blue, and pink. A white ball will give you nothing, blue will give you a mushroom, pink awards you 30 coins, and the gold will give you 100.

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