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Lou looking angryface.

Lou makes his debut in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The player originally encounters him in the career mode as a record producer/manger, whom they sign a recording contract with (In the game's Co-op career mode, Lou appears as a janitor that springs the band out of jail after a contract signing). After the band becomes unsatisfied with Lou's direction, he sends them to hell where the player must defeat him in a guitar duel to escape and ultimately finish the game. 
Lou goes onto make cameo appearances in future Neversoft Guitar Hero games. He appears briefly in the opening cinematic for Guitar Hero World Tour, portraying the manager of a hypnotic flute player. Lou reprises this manager role in Guitar Hero Metallica, this time offering his services to a rival band seeking the opening spot to Metallica. 
In Smash Hits we once again get to see Lou, as he has captured The God of Rock, and imposes as him. On the final set before Through The Fire And Flames, he is busted by the band, and The God of Rock is set free.

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