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LSDJ, or Little Sound DJ is a homebrew cartridge designed for the original Nintendo Game Boy, programmed by Johan Kotlinski. It is a staple of chiptune music, a community of musicians that create music exclusively with 8bit consoles, circuit-bent electronic toys, and other similar, unconventional objects. Its main component is the sequencer, taking an open approach to music creation. However, commercial copies of the software were only available for a short time, and have been put on hiatus for several years now. Instead, chiptuners emulate the environment on their PC or Mac, and purchase the ROM. Skilled engineers can create their own cartridges through a number of methods.


The sequencer allows for four separate tracks at one time, and has a tool for custom waveform creation. It also boasts a huge number of sampled sounds from many commercial drum machines, and a powerful arpeggiator. It is renowned in the community for it's simple, yet deep interface. The cartridge can save a small number of songs, but this feature can be unreliable.

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