LucasArts Officially Shuttered by Disney

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I smell a theme for this weeks TNT / Unprofessional Fridays emerging from this.

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Rest in Peace LucasArts, you had a great run and created some fantastic games. You will be missed.

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My sense of nostalgia is upset about this, but otherwise the only thing I can lament is the loss of jobs.

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I hate how everything interesting that was going with star wars is being killed off by Disney. There was no guarantee that 1313 would have been any good, but it sure looked awesome. I loved clone wars, and now it is dead, not because of ratings or because it was the natural time to end the show, but because of back room politics. This Disney deal is getting worse all the time.

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@daggon55 said:

Pour one out for TIE Fighter

Unless Totally Games, Inc. can buy a license to put out the old games on GOG or something. LucasArts seemed to treat their games like hostages so the idea of letting other developers use the Star Wars license doesn't sound like a bad idea to me, it's where Tie Fighter came from.

Now all we need is a kickstarter to get the rights to Grim Fandango back in the hands of Tim Schafer.

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I feel like the only person in the world that does not give a single fuck about the entire Star Wars franchise. Still sucks that 150 are now out of jobs.

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@toxin066 said:

Fuck. I want Battlefront 3 pretty badly. And 1313 could have been something special. No chance of Disney auctioning off those IPs, eh?

Disney still owns the Star Wars IP, so they couldn't really sell it out. Otherwise, their acquisition of Lucas would have been pointless. They do mention, however, they they're going to contract development out, rather than using an in-house studio, so there is a chance that games like 1313 might live on through a different developer, if Disney decides its a lucrative enough game to continue to put money in to.

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@jarowdowsky said:

I really don't see this as bad news - the Lucasarts I loved has been dead and buried for years and every recent game I've found sorely wanting.

With no real evidence to see them pull anything great out of the bag (one pre-rendered trailer aside) I'm happy to see a chance for other companies to license and development some of the great old IPs

I think the bad news is the part where everyone lost their jobs and a long standing, familiar publisher was just shuttered.

Disney's licensing model sounds promising, none the less.

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Well, LucasArts haven't really been releasing good games for a long, long time now. How much of that "original talent" was still left in the company?

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Instead of Star Wars 1313 we get to look forward to another's cars or a finding memo Dora game, Disney your history for screwing people over continues to this day so screw you

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LucasArts meant so much to me growing up, it's terrible what happened to them in the space of these last 15 years.

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Didn't we see a previous set of 'broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games' the last time that they went crazy with the star wars game franchise when it was churning out dozens of crummy games??

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@efesell said:

My sense of nostalgia is upset about this, but otherwise the only thing I can lament is the loss of jobs.

Yeah, it sucks to see people lose their jobs, but ultimately this may be good for the brands/fans/etc. Licensing to other companies means we will potentially have a lot more games based on IP that we love, though it also means some games will be good and some will be bad. LucasArts as a studio really hasn't produced anything very good in like 5+ years. What is the last Lucas Arts created game that you really cared about?

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Aight-aight-aight. ~ But, then. What the hell is Disney gonna have at E3? What are they suppose to license for the next three years??. And to who?!

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Oh no, not the blatant Uncharted clone!

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LucasArts died a long time ago sadly. They were my absolute favorite developer in my youth. Maybe this is better than a train of uninspired star-wars cash-ins.

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I know that LucasArts hasn't done many games worth talking about in many years, but at their best, they were the best.

R.I.P., and condolences to those who have lost their jobs.

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Fuck Disney. Seriously. At this point the cost to finish 1313 is relatively small with potential sales being several millions. The return on it would have been huge. An easy victory. By purchasing the license from Lucas then destroying the assets like closing all the studios down they have effectively lost money that they can not immediately recover. Honestly, between all the movie 3D conversion cancellations (that were over halfway done), the numerous waffling on what they would as a third trilogy and cancelling all current and mostly finished TV shows and properties, at this point these decisions are being made based on something other than from a business standpoint. It has to be, because no company that successful can be that stupid. It's got to be something personal. That's the only explanation. Disney spent over $4 billion and have been chopping off every single portion of the franchise that was active. They have killed off at least a fourth of the entire franchise's value since the purchase. Anything Star Wars related that was active has been killed. There is zero internal source of revenue coming from one of the biggest franchises/IP's in the history of mankind. This has to be an ego thing where perhaps the heads of Disney became jealous of the popularity of Star Wars had as a single IP (no Disney property is as big as Star Wars, only when put together is Disney's IPs bigger than the singular Star Wars IP) and by having the opportunity to buy out the franchise from an old, worn out man who just wanted to retire from the burden (Lucas) they took it. Upon acquiring the rights they feel as they effectively proved to themselves they were bigger and better and now decided to essentially kill it so that no one can say, "Ya <insert IP here> is big, but it's still not nearly as a cultural impact as Star Wars."

Seriously, if anyone can find a better explanation for why Disney is trying to snuff out Star Wars and wipe it from existence I'd love to hear it because it's certainly not from a business/objective/logistical/financial standpoint.

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Killing one of the last shots at a good Star Wars game.

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It's sad from a historical perspective, & people losing their job is always a real shitter, but this LucasArts simply isn't that the LA of our childhood. Well, my childhood, I Don't know how old everyone else is. Knights of the Old Republic, Rogue Squadron & Lego Star Wars are the last Lucas published games that I have any fondness for. The last worthwhile Indy game? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a long time ago now. Last adventure game? Grim Fandago was 15 years ago.

If licensing out the games means more games of the quality of Knights of the Old Republic & less like The Force Unleashed & Kinect Star Wars then fucking bring it on. If they are lazy cash-ins then hey, no change from where they are at now, is it?

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I still got some faith SW: 1313 will come out in some form, it just won't be developed by LucasArts anymore. Hell, give the game to Bioware, everyone keeps wanting them to make another single player SW game.

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Damn shame.

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Shame for all those working there, and a shame for 1313. Thought it had potential to be at least interesting.

Have to say, I'm not loving the way Disney have handled Lucas stuff so far. Though one might argue that LucasArts weren't doing to good before the buy-out.

It's still better than Disney trying to remove the franchise from the public and remove it from history.

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Licensing, great. Now lets license Star Wars to Totally Games FOREVER. Thanks in advance.

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I had felt positive when Disney bought Star Wars, but since then they've 1. Erased the entire canon of the EU, 2. Cancelled Clone Wars, and 3. Now done this.

Fuck Disney.

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i'm just glad the only game disney wants to make right now is a copy of activision's skylanders. johnny v should be proud he works for such an awesome company.

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When I read the headline I was shocked and upset. But then I thought about it a little more... And I realized that LucasArts hasn't internally done anything noteworthy in SUCH a long time. It's a real shame that 1313 won't come out, but that's about it. Looking at the list in the wiki, it's been nearly a decade since Lucasarts internally developed a game that I liked, even longer since they've made a game I loved. This feels like it's been a long time coming.

I see a lot of people here talking like this is some kind of sign of the collapse of the video game industry, but let's be honest: Lucasarts was NOT a major player in the games industry anymore, not even close.

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What is Disney doing with star wars? I keep trying to be optimistic but so far I have not heard a single good thing come from this.

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This is bullshit, I hope 1313 still somehow sees the light of day.

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@daggon55 said:

Pour one out for TIE Fighter

There goes my childhood.

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Fuck you Disney.

#134 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

They were a one hit wonder anyway. KOTOR was good, but everything else sucked ass.

#135 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

LucasArts was the same that decided to, unceremoniously, let Schafer and Gilbert go and that Star Wars was the only think worth doing?

Yeah... not so bummed out about this. They haven't done anything good or fresh in years.

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Why are people just talking about Star Wars games? What about the important LucasArts IPs/Franchises?

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LucasArts hasn't had a good track record lately, so I can sort-of understand the unwillingness to risk more money on AAA games through it. On the other hand--as someone who spent a lot of time in the 90s playing LucasArts games--I wish they'd found some way to keep the name going.

Games are expensive and risky propositions these days--it's probably a better financial bet to let established developers take over making the games themselves. LucasArts hasn't had a solid hit in quite a while. I'm a bit relieved that they're going to a licensing model. It means we're more likely to get decent Star Wars and Indiana Jones games in the future. I think lots of developers would jump at the chance to play around in those worlds.

It's worth pointing out that The Old Republic was licensed, and it's been a disaster. Much as I don't like this decision due to nostalgia, I think it's probably a good financial decision. Developers need to make good games to survive. LucasArts didn't.

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Well Lucasarts management fucked around with Battlefront 3 and ended up killing Free Radical Design and they've made plenty of bad decisions in the last few years. Perhaps its a shame 1313 was dragged down with it but oh well.

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@adrian79 said:

But we'll still get a Day of the Tentacle remake right?.....RIGHT???

If anything, that's more likely to happen now. Someone can licence it from Disney and release it.

Same goes for the Star Wars licence, as far as I'm concerned, this only increases the chances of GOOD products being made from these licenses. When was the last time Lucasarts did anything remotely worthwhile?

#140 Posted by OurSin_360 (955 posts) -

i'm not surprised, disney dished out what? a few billion or something, they aren't going to risk getting into the game development market. The new game looked really good, lets hope they license the game off to a quality developer and it still gets made. They just want to make money off the star wars name, they don't actually want to create anything with it lol. Just license it off to talented people and let them take most the risk financially.

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I have a horrid pain in heart. I think some asshole just kicked my childhood in the balls

#142 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Remember that guy from the Disney Infinity Quick Look who wore a suit and hated fun? That's Disney.

#143 Posted by AllThatBacon (583 posts) -

Sad news... they bought Lucasarts just to kill it off. 1313 looked potentially awesome too.

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Oh shame on Disney. They have such a poor reputation for licensing of their games. I'll be hopeful... but I have a soft spot in my heart for the old Lucas Arts. It shall be missed.

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Reading the comments makes me realize that most of you guys don't seem to understand the word : " Licensing " .

Star Wars games are not dead. It just means they won't be developed internally anymore. Let's be honest, most of the greatest Star Wars games WERE licensed games. Games developed internally by Lucasarts Studios were good in the early 2000's and earlier. But after that, c'mon.

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@jdh5153 said:

They were a one hit wonder anyway. KOTOR was good, but everything else sucked ass.

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how wrong this post is?

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Hrm... Well this seems like a mistake... I obviously know nothing about the development, but I would think 1313 would have sold like hotcakes. Especially if they got it out in time for the next generation launch. It barely even matters if it's a good game if it looks like that and comes out in time for a console launch, no one would care if it turned out to be tomorrow's Perfect Dark Zero, it would have sold just based on how many people are freaking out about the graphics alone and how hungry people always are for new games around a system launch. Peculiar...

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Fuck Disney

#149 Posted by haggis (1677 posts) -

Being brutally honest, the end of LucasArts was back in the late 90s/early 00s, when it basically became consumed with feeding the Star Wars prequel marketing machine. Just endless waves of mostly forgettable Star Wars games, with only the occasional hit among them. It gave up on developing new IPs. And in the last few years it's been miss after miss.

Disney clearly doesn't want to be in the video game business, but then I'm not sure the people running LucasArts wanted to be, either.

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Sucks that people lose their jobs over stuff like this, but what did people really expect? LucasArts hasn't had a good track record lately. I seriously don't know what people expected Disney to do. Maybe take a step back and realize there are many different reasons for doing something like this, and just because you used to love LucasArts doesn't make Disney evil.

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