LucasArts Officially Shuttered by Disney

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I can't say that I am surprised by this news. As others have said, LA hasn't turned out a great game in years. They seemed to have been riding on the Start Wars brand recognition for a while.

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Tragic. Just goes to show how volatile this business can be, even long time titans of the industry can go down hard.

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Maybe at least now somebody will be able to offer the old games on GOG or Steam or ANYWHERE.

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Never has this video been more appropriate...

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This could be a good thing. Lucas Arts has loads of IP's that they were never going to do anything with. Maybe disney will liscence them out. New TIE Fighter anyone ?

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Video games have an awful thing where anytime someone gets bought, people are laid off. It's a really awful story that I hate seeing over and over again. I wish there was something that could be done about it.

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On one hand it sucks to see another studio shift it's focus to licensed material, but on the other hand what has Lucas Arts really put out in the past 10 year or so that was actually really noteworthy as a game (if you aren't a massive Star Wars fan)? Like hasn't it pretty much been bad-okayish single player Star Wars games and 2 bad Star Wars MMOs?

At anyrate, it'll be nice to see if some of the IPs that they've been sitting on for decades end up getting some more attention or if they'll just continue to collect dust.

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Can't say I'm surprised. LucasArts has really been a shell of itself for years. It only hurts because there's a big nostalgia factor going on, especially with Double Fine - but face facts, when was the last original LucasArts developed game you played that you really enjoyed? (A lot of the really good stuff in the 2000s wasn't LucasArts developed, just published.)

Here's hoping the people laid off find jobs quick in this economy... but as a going entity, LucasArts has been gone for a long time now. This is merely recognition of that fact. Star Wars 1313 might have turned things around; but, how many game companies have had that "one project that might have turned things around", and how many times did it actually happen?

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@scroll said:

Well Lucasarts management fucked around with Battlefront 3 and ended up killing Free Radical Design and they've made plenty of bad decisions in the last few years. Perhaps its a shame 1313 was dragged down with it but oh well.

In actuality the real story was Free Radical tried to take the money Lucasarts gave them to try and work behind there back on Haze so they killed themselves

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Now disney has ruined everyone's expectations for Star Wars 1313. That is a horrible way to gain fans expectations for Star Wars 7-9.

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star wars in kingdom hearts 2015!

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Disney could easily have absorbed the 1313 team and kept making the game if they wanted, but it looked like an expensive game for a niche audience, and Disney's not really into those. Not too surprised they canned it (presumably). Maybe the tech and assets get used in the inevitably middling Episode VII game.

All the legacy titles, I expect those will end up getting dumped onto Steam/GOG/Origin at some point, because why not, might as well make money of them right?

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@shadowinfinite: I think how bad episodes 1-3 were will have more impact on people not getting super hyped for episodes 7-9 than some impotent and quickly forgotten nerd rage over a game being canned will have.

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Holy shit.

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Star Wars: Dark Forces is what took me down the games rabbit hole as a six-year-old. Sad day.

Similarly to this guy, a Lucasarts game was one of the earliest positive gaming experiences I had. Except for me it was Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

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TIE FIGHTER ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;(

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Disney. The house Hitler built.

Edit: That makes no sense. It just felt good saying it.

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@CircleNine said:

@shadowinfinite: I think how bad episodes 1-3 were will have more impact on people not getting super hyped for episodes 7-9 than some impotent and quickly forgotten nerd rage over a game being canned will have.

Look out over here guys, hes edgey.

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@connerthekewlkid: You can call it whatever you want but 99% of you (who were even interested in seeing the new movies in the first place) won't act on it by not seeing the new movies even if you're still totally furious about the game being canned. This is how these things always end up panning out. Unless you're really super duper serious about it this time.

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If you are still insisting on boycotting Star Wars 7-9 two years later in 2015 please post in this thread when they come out and prove me wrong and that it wasn't just another case of impotent nerd rage. I'll bookmark it with a note to check it.

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I think I'll be shifting to the "I won't buy your licensed crap model."

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It's been a while since LucasArts put out anything worthwhile, but still... fuck you, Disney!

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Not surprised but bummed out that 150 people just got kicked to the curb :/

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If you are still insisting on boycotting Star Wars 7-9 two years later in 2015 please post in this thread when they come out and prove me wrong and that it wasn't just another case of impotent nerd rage. I'll bookmark it with a note to check it.

I think you confusing people upset about a studio closing due to a buyout with people being upset about the new trilogy because of this. Its a common mistake :]

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it's a trap

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This hardly spells the end of Star Wars games. I just means they'll be made by EA or Activision.

Sad about 1313 and that downloadable FPS that showed up in small leaked bits recently, but knowing nothing about the next direction the franchise will take, I can't be disappointed in something that was never released; never made it past Alpha.

And, I'm playing Star Wars The Old Republic right now and I am digging it a lot. If Disney shuts it down before I've had my fill, then I'll be disappointed. I would be losing something I have had real-time fun with and not the "oh that looks cool" type of imaginary fun.

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Oh my god.

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@soralapio said:

Fucking Disney.

don't blame disney for this. It's Lucas own doing...Disney just did what Lucas should have awhile ago. Notice how their good games were the ones based off (mostly) the Original Trilogy...but with the abortion that are the prequels Lucas wanted to shove them down our throats so ANY Star Wars game was based off that..and almost all of them were total crap (I did like Rep. Commando.)

LucasArts, lately and for awhile, has given us nothing but shit..even the ones that had potential were squandered...that crap happened LONG before the Disney's not "Fucking Disney"'s "Fucking Lucas"...Disney just did what was smart.

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(I wish I knew who made this, because it's brilliant. Just saw it making the Twitter rounds.)

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God damnit all to hell. This really bums me out. :(

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@xearo: yea I thought so too! This is terrible news......Battlefront III would have been epic as well. Hopefully another studio picks up the slack. :(

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Pretty sure Lucasarts was already dead, guys.

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lol, Disney really is terrible. Johnny V needs a new job.

As a kid the only reason I liked Star Wars was because of the games.

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DAM YOU Vignocchi!!!!!

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<p>lol at everyone mad at Disney. All they did was pull the life support off a long dead body. Yeah 1313 looked cool, but it was, for all we know, a tech demo, just like that oh-so-amazing Indiana Jones game from yesteryear. There's literally no reason to expect, considering the recent past, that 3rd party Star Wars games will be worse than the Lucasarts ones.</p>

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Lucasarts has been on life support for a very long time. It just took a while before they finally got unplugged.

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I was really wishing there'd be a new Battlefront and a new Gladius. I wonder if they'll auction off the lisences to non Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

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But, but... DotT, Fate of Atlantis.... Please follow Sam & Max and Monkey Island to Telltale.

Fuck you Micky, I thought you buying them was meant to stop all of the Lucas bullshit.

That is a really cool picture

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Star Wars? More like Bore Wars! HAH! Am I right, guys?!


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Aside from the ridiculously little we know about 1313, has Lucasarts even been relevant in terms of quality gaming in years? Seems to me that people are shocked solely out of nostalgia for the studio, rather than relevance.

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Disney just finds it more profitable to license games to third party studios, that way they're guaranteed a profit no matter what. That and they're too busy with that Skylanders rip off.

It is a shame, alot of big names and games came out of Lucas Arts, and the team that was there was probably seasoned. But that's how this industry goes, entire studios are sacked and not salvaged.

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It's a shame that a company has gone out of business and that people have lost their jobs, but the Lucasarts everyone loves and remembers has been dead for a long time.

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