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My thoughts after 4 hours of play.

I'm not very good at writing so this will mainly be a list of Like and Dislike. These are my thoughts on the game after 4 hours of gameplay. Creating a wrestler and playing through part of the Tecnico storyline (save file says 30% completed) and Rudo storyline (save file says 70% completed)  Both plays on EASY. 
 Have not played online mode.

  • It's A Lucha Game- When I heard there was going to be a game about AAA I knew it was going to be an automatic buy for me.
  • The Luchadores- The characters look like their real life versions. By this I mean the AAA game wrestlers look more like the real ones than the WWE Wrestlers look like their game versions.
  • Lucha Info Videos- Don't remember if these have a proper name but sometimes between matches, videos come up on a TV screen voiced by luchadores describing aspects of lucha culture (fan support, Tecnicos VS Rudos, Hair and Mask matches, etc.)
  • Game Control- Maybe I'm to accustomed to the way the Smackdown VS RAW games play but I just didn't like the control scheme for this. Things like how to do grapple moves or throw somebody into the ropes. The controls didn't feel easy to pick up and as a result maybe didn't feel like they were very responsive. I think some of this can be changed in the options but I didn't get that far.  For most of my game playing session I ended up mashing buttons and hoping for the best.
  • Countering- I hated countering in the SD VS RAW games and I hate it here too. When you have a chance to counter, the counter button pops up on the screen and you have what feels like half of a second to press it. Since I was already button mashing, I added the counter button to the rotation. I don't think I ever ended up countering any moves, although a couple times I did get a "Counter Too Soon" message or something like that.
  • Difficulty- This might be just a reflection on my gameplay ability. During the story mode, whenever I would be in a 1 on 1 match, there would be no problem. Most matches would take no more than 5 min for me. 2 on 1 felt like the difficulty increased by more than what 1 other wrestler would add. I'm sure it's just me being too afraid of a challenge.
  • Create a Wrestler- Play customization is a POSITIVE thing but some of the options for the outfits were just BAD. After seeing how bad some of the choices were, I was surprised there weren't any Tapout shirts in there. 
      EDIT: There is an option for a Hamburger face tattoo.
  • Starting Roster- I don't remember what the total number of  luchadores is but you start of with like 10 to choose from and end up unlocking the rest as you progress through the game.
Two minor things I felt like I need to mention.
  • Konnan is an announcer and is playable. He still does commentary during matches that he's in.
  • A little disappointed that the music for the wrestlers' entrances aren't the same. For those that don't know, most AAA wrestlers entrance themes are actual songs (Dr. Wagner Jr.-Bad Medicine, LA Parka and LA Park-Thriller, Jack Evans-Lose Yourself, etc.). I know it would have cost a lot of money to license the songs but I thought they would at least try to get  the music to sound similar enough. The only one I have heard so far that makes me say "That sounds close." is Electroshock. His in game theme is slightly similar to Du Hast.
Forgot to add that towards the end of my gameplay session, the music stopped playing and there was static instead of the music tracks. Commentary and the sound effects from the fights could still be heard but the static was annoying and decided I should quit. Not sure what caused it. 
Overall, I'd say if you're a lucha fan, buy it... sometime. It's not a great game but show them some support and hopefully they'll get better. You might just want to wait for a price drop. 
This was my first review, so hopefully I helped out some of the people who weren't sure whether they wanted to buy this or not. 
And now 2 pics of hamburger face tattoo. 

AAA Lucha Hamburger Face Tattoo option in Create a Wrestler

Close-up Hamburger Face
Posted by kalmis

Thanks for posting this. No European release so need to probably import this

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