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Lucifer is the eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory and represents the sin of pride. Being the eldest, she also acts as the leader of the pack. Brimming with pride, she's arrogant, haughty and acts as if she's superior to her younger sisters in every way that she can, often scolding them in the process. However, that's just a facade to cover up the fact that she's actually inferior to the rest of her sisters in just about every aspect and sometimes fails at even the simplest of tasks. She knows this all too well and fears that her sisters will find her out and ridicule her for her weakness.

Role in games

Lucifer makes her first appearance in the opening act of Banquet of the Golden Witch where she tortures Battler Ushiromiya together with her sisters. She appears throughout the episode to torment him and fulfill the Witch's Epitaph under Beatrice and later in service of Eva-Beatrice. Most notably, she's summoned to duel against Kanon, but loses. In Alliance of the Golden Witch, she and the rest of her sisters are summoned by Ange Ushiromiya in the world of 1998 and serve her as she tries to uncover the truth behind the Rokkenjima massacre of 1986. Aside from her role in the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novels as the leader of the Stakes and servant - "Furniture" - of Beatrice, she also appears as a selectable character in the Ougon Musou Kyoku series of fighting games.

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