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Created by Kagami Yoshimizu in 2004, Lucky Star is a slice-of-life manga which focuses on the lives of high school-age girls.  In 2005, the first game, Lucky Star: Moe Drill, was released, and in 2007, a 24-episode anime series was produced.   Lucky Star is serialized in the magazine Comptiq, published by Kadokawa Shoten


Most of the manga and anime follows the four main characters, all of whom are students in the same year at Ryouou High School.

Konata Izumi

The main character, Konata Izumi, is an otaku, who devotes more time to anime, games, and manga than she does to schoolwork.  Despite this, she manages to do well in school by pulling all-nighters, even after she lands a job at a cosplay cafe.  Konata enjoys all types of games, especially eroge, MMORPGs, and fighting games.


Kagami Hiiragi

A serious student who is often considered a tsundere, Kagami often plays the straight man to Konata.  She worries about her weight and enjoys light novels and shooters.   Even though she teases Konata, she wishes that she could be in the same class as the other three.  Her father is a Shinto priest, and Kagami and her siblings work as miko at the shrine.  Kagami gets very good grades and spends plenty of time studying.  She sometimes accompanies Konata to otaku-centric stores like Gamers to buy light novels.


Tsukasa Hiiragi

A sweet, good-natured girl who is Kagami's fraternal twin, Tsukasa is also something of an airhead who doesn't catch on to the more devious things Konata says.  Like her sister, she works at the family shrine.  Tsukasa doesn't have the best grades, but she is good at cooking and household chores, unlike her older twin, Kagami.

Miyuki Takara

A studious girl from a wealthy family, Miyuki is good-natured and very knowledgable.  She is kind to everyone and dreams of being a doctor.  Miyuki gets very good grades.

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