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Ludroth are a common Leviathan type monster introduced in Monster Hunter Tri. These amphibious monsters are yellow-green in color and are found in the flooded plains or near bodies of water. They are one of the earlier monsters you encounter in the game.

Royal Ludroth

The Royal Ludroth is a subspecies of the Ludroth. The Royal Ludroth is a large hunt and the main focus of a few missions beginning in the 3 star missions. It has 3 breakable parts, the mane, the tail, and the crest. It will often move from water to land to versatility is key. It is resistant to water element and has a water based range attack.

Purple Ludroth

The purple Ludroth is a special Ludroth only found in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It is the same as a Royal Ludroth except that it has two new attacks and is purple in color.

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