rhcp_andrew's Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    There are some great RPG's on the Snes. And then there's Lufia 2. The hero of the game, Maxim, is a monster hunter. He ends up having to fight demi-gods, or 'sinistrals'. The story is very satisfying, having a few climaxes here and there, and with some very unexpected events along the way. The battles in this game are random on the world map, and avoidable (a nice feature) on the dungeon map. You'll travel to a town, discover that someone has been kidnapped, and head off to the dungeon to save the kid. In dungeons, you'll have access to arrows and other tools to solve puzzles. And there are hard puzzles in this game.
    The graphics are sharp and crisp, and the music is memorable, often getting stuck in your head. In other words, you'll be humming boss themes for weeks. Your characters can use magic spells, a regular attack, and rage skills. Rage skills go by what you're equipped with and ip (similar to mp). The more you're hit the more ip you have. So you could say, this was an early 'limit break' if anything else.
    Another twist to the game is a feature called capsule monters, allies that will help you in battle. You'll get one for each element, (earth, water, fire, etc..) and you can feed them your equipment to evolve them. Hmm.. capsule montsers.. that evolve... sounds like Pokemon, doesn't it? But don't worry, it's better.
    The replayability is top notch. There are tons of sidequests. You can find the Eggdragon's eggs 3 times, which takes a while each time, and then fight the Eggdragon (hardest fight in the game). Or you can go to the ancient dungeon, which starts you on level 1, and is one-hundred floors deep. It could be considered a whole other game. It's epic to say the least.
    Lufia 2 is an awesome RPG for the Snes that has tons of boss battles, a new game+ feature, the ancient dungeon, and a nice plot. A game you'll be glad you played.


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