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Shadow Martial Luger

General Information

Position: Luger holds the title of Shadow Marshall within the ISA Vekta Army.

Age:  Unknown

Military Affiliation:  ISA Vekta Army

Personality:  Intelligent, strategic, stealth-oriented, calculating

Shadow Marshall Lugar works along side Cpt. Jan Templar, Sgt. Rico Velasquez  and Gregor Hakha during the events of Killzone. She is one of four playable characters in Killzone and is the most unique playable character when compared with the other three (Cpt. Jan Templar, Sgt. Ric Velasquez  and Gregor Hakha). While playing as Lugar the player can activeheat-vision, use a silenced SMG, crawl in small places inaccessable while playing as any other character, and perform "quiet" knife kills without alerting Helghast forces.

Official Description

"Luger is a female assassin who excels when it comes to stealth, infiltration and hand-to-hand combat. A ruthless personality who knows no mercy, she likes to get up close and personal with her victims. Emotionally, Lugar is an ice queen, incredibly beautiful but totally unapproachable; she rarely smiles and is cold and somewhat calculating. Luger will always put the mission before anything else."

Luger's first appearance in Killzone.

Luger with goggles raised and face coverings removed.
Luger with goggles lowered and face coverings.
Luger's silenced sub-machine gun.

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