Notes from Nintendo Direct: The Year of Luigi!

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#51 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (397 posts) -

I foresee most of my summer being spent on my 3DS now. A new Mario and Luigi RPG along with Animal Crossing should keep me a very busy man.

#52 Posted by posh (619 posts) -

@posh said:

nintenDO what everyone else don't. 3DS confirmed as best console

If that were even half true, it would mean we're in a sorry state of affairs. Thankfully it is not true.

say what you want, 3DS has the best concentration of good titles over both time and quantity

#53 Posted by ChrisTaran (1859 posts) -

I am loving my 3DS more and more. Something I never thought I'd say!

Fire Emblem is currently consuming my life.

#54 Edited by King9999 (663 posts) -

Luigi will be top tier in SSBU. Calling it now.

#55 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

@hef said:

Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

Did you not watch the last Nintendo Direct? Even the current one, where they announced a Monster Hunter bundle.

#56 Edited by MoonwalkSA (547 posts) -

I don't own any of the newest Nintendo consoles (or handhelds), but more Luigi is always welcome.

#57 Posted by Roomrunner (1191 posts) -

I agree, there definitely has to be a psychological meaning behind preferring Luigi. Though, I'm worried if I dig deep enough, it's probably self-loathing.

Anyways, Inception: Mario & Luigi sounds great!

#58 Posted by Qlanth (156 posts) -

FUCK YEAH ANIMAL CROSSING!! I have been waiting for this for 2 years!

#59 Posted by Bollard (6919 posts) -

I hope Mario and Luigi is a better RPG than Paper Mario was... I was really looking forward to Paper Mario and it was, well, okay. I havne't played a Mario and Luigi game before though, should I take a punt on this one?

Also this year the 3DS is going on a rampage, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing and Pokemans X/Y coming up which I am stoked for. Might give Luigi's Mansion a go too.

#60 Edited by Hef (1227 posts) -

@king9999: No I didn't, and I was talking about this current press release.And no one but Japan cares about Monster Hunter.Also Monster Hunter is one game, and no where near as interesting as a new mario rpg and Luigi's Mansion.

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#62 Posted by saddlebrown (1486 posts) -

Nintendo Direct was a pretty dumb idea at first, but now it seems pretty incredible. Kudos to them.

#63 Posted by Truckalicious (104 posts) -

If they were really pushing this Year of Luigi thing, they would call the 3DS rpg 'Luigi and Mario'. Right?

#64 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

I have a preference for Toad, personally. I always use him in the MK games and in SMB2, and anything else he appears in.

#66 Posted by StriderNo9 (1290 posts) -

I've always liked Luigi.

#67 Posted by RudeCubes (159 posts) -

Alphadream, I know you won't steer me wrong! Though i'm still waiting on Mario & Luigi & Wario & Waluigi.

#68 Posted by Murdoc_ (608 posts) -

Are they going to start producing stuff for the WiiU? I mean, sheesh, put Luigis Mansion, Dream Team, and Animal Crossing on the Wii U and they may have a new customer.

#69 Posted by project343 (2890 posts) -

I love Luigi. He's endearing as fuck.

#70 Edited by JJOR64 (19610 posts) -

Great stuff coming to 3DS. Wii U stuff was old. Hope there is a giant splurge of Wii U stuff around E3. Still, there are some games coming, but not till this Fall.

Also I guess the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D leak was correct.

#71 Edited by AlastorX (5 posts) -
#72 Posted by SleepyDoughnut (1269 posts) -

I will totally play a Mario Luigi Golf game for the 3DS.

#73 Edited by Winternet (8284 posts) -

@alastorx: Thankfully I don't care, so I already forgot about it.

#74 Edited by Nottle (1933 posts) -

Is there anyone that doesn't think Luigi and Peach are the best characters in SMB2?

#75 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Still not excited. I probably would be if I currently had a 3DS, but remakes just doesn't cut it for me. Nintendo needs to figure out some way to deliver the charm without resorting back to their tried-and-true. (Even though I do love those franchises still)

#76 Posted by Beaker (98 posts) -

Looks like more use for my 3DS!

#77 Posted by HBK619 (167 posts) -

STREET MAPS! ON THE WII U! BECAUSE IT'S PORTABLE?....wait, why isn't that a 3DS announcement?

#78 Edited by ninkendo (163 posts) -

Lego City Undercover and Castlevania in March oh manz

#79 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

@solidocelot: They are probably making the same goofs they have done for the DS and 3DS by having nothing at first. Wait a few months and there will be some kickass games for WiiU.

#80 Posted by DeF (5274 posts) -

@hef said:

Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

question is: do you know that they just announced a whole bunch of Wii U games three weeks ago?

@thehbk said:

Wait, so how are they trying to sell the Wii U?

with all those games they announced a about three weeks ago.

guys, if you want to complain without knowing what's actually going on that's pretty useless. or is that just a case of internet-memory-loss where everything that happened more than a week ago just gets sucked into a time vortex?

#81 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4242 posts) -

Dang that's four 3DS games I'm totally picking up. Luigi's Mansion, Luigi & Mario RPG 4, Animal Crossing NL, and DKC:R 3D (never finished it/only borrowed it on Wii). Also, if there is no motion controls in DKC:R 3D I'll be even more pumped.

#82 Edited by JJOR64 (19610 posts) -

@dan_citi said:

Also, if there is no motion controls in DKC:R 3D I'll be even more pumped.

I'm pretty damn sure they are taking them it. It was one of the few bad things about DKCR in other wise a perfect platformer.

#83 Posted by Fattony12000 (8043 posts) -

Does anyone know how much the Monster Hunter 3DS XL bundle is going to cost?

I HAVE to know.

#84 Edited by Jazz_Lafayette (3872 posts) -

Alex has inspired me to create a new psychological standard:

"If you were Italian, would you...

  • wear red and try to rescue the world's 'princesses.'
  • wear green and feel 'haunted' by the spectre of others' success.
  • wear yellow and focus on profiting from your 'wares.'
  • wear purple and be a total piece of shit that no one cares about or likes."
#85 Edited by Tomorrowman (180 posts) -

Animal crossing can single handedly sell me the system.

#86 Posted by Cybexx (1414 posts) -

A new Mario & Luigi game is great news and its nice to have a release date for New Leaf.

#87 Posted by super2j (2087 posts) -

AWWWWWWW. I love the mario luigi series, I bought a used ds lite to play it but I dont want to do that again.... woe is me.

#88 Edited by Daveyo520 (7434 posts) -

Maybe I should get a 3DS

#89 Edited by RudeCubes (159 posts) -
#90 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2862 posts) -

Would love it for the new RPG be called Luigi and Mario.

#91 Posted by jmood88 (407 posts) -

I always used Luigi whenever I was given the choice.

#92 Posted by Sir_Belf (7 posts) -

I do rather look forward to the Mario & Luigi RPG. The OST especially, since it's going to be composed by the flawless talents of Yoko Shimomura.

#93 Edited by ESREVER (2847 posts) -

Luigi for life~ He has always been my go to character in any game with him in it. I've mained him since the first Smash Bros, and he's at every party in my Mario Party.

I currently have the fire emblem 3ds bundle on hold for me at my local gamestop, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on it, and where I'm gonna find another $100.

Its so beautiful though...

#94 Posted by Hyperfludd (399 posts) -

A new Mario & Luigi game? Hell yes. Now just announce a new Advance Wars games at E3 and we're good forever, Nintendo.

#95 Posted by bennyboy (342 posts) -

Nice! If there's one Nintendo series I want more of, it's Mario & Luigi.

#97 Posted by Vasta_Narada (539 posts) -

@hef: @winternet: They just did a WiiU-focused Nintendo Direct a couple weeks back...?

#98 Posted by Zippedbinders (1126 posts) -

@hef said:

Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

This is what happens when people read news synopsis from Alex. They talked about a few 3rd party Wii U games during the Direct (Alex just didn't say anything about it), but they did a full Wii U Nintendo Direct a few weeks ago where they announced a pretty decent amount of games. The Wind Waker remake, the new Xeno game, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami, and the usual smattering of Nintendo "once per generations".

Alex also failed to mention the new eShop games they announced, the rhythm game from Game Freak seems especially neat.

#99 Posted by Kosayn (475 posts) -

People sure love them some Mario & Luigi RPG... Inside Story was my nephew's most played DS game, and I still see it a lot out there streetpassing. Hopefully this will have a more rewarding combat system than Sticker Star, though the short timeframe gives me some pause.

#100 Edited by RecSpec (4876 posts) -

All of this news is amazing. Goddamnit I'm so excited.

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