Notes from Nintendo Direct: The Year of Luigi!

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New Mario Brothers: Luigi's Mario Mansion confirmed for 3DS

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I was hoping for some more Wii U news but oh well. Luigi had his spotlight. (They also released a lot of Wii U info in the last Nintendo Direct so that may be why...)

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Nintendo pretty much owns my wallet this year.

Only way it could be worse would be if they had any WiiU announcements.

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I've been thinking about getting a 3ds, and this year I might have to. What's wrong with owning all the handhelds...

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@hef said:

Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

Didn't they just announce Wii U games two weeks ago? Wind Waker HD, Xenonew, Yoshi's Epic Yarn... etc.

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They just did a Wii U direct! Why are people complaining about a lack of Wii U in a 3DS direct?

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I... I think I need a 3DS

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They are obviously waiting until E3 to announce more WiiU stuff. Right? Right? Please tell me I'm right!

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I expected nothing but heartbreak but Nintendo Europe fucking knocked it out of the PARK. Next 4 months are going to be fucking amazing.

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Just so people stop spamming my inbox, yes I know the said that two new zelda games are eventually coming. Whoopdy shit.

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The 3DS is really turning into a great machine. I've wanted a new Mario Golf for awhile now, and I didn't play Donkey Kong on the Wii so i'll totally pick that up. So now I guess.... Do i upgrade to a 3DS XL, or is an actual redesign coming soon? Cause if the do a new 3DS that's just a small screen upgrade from the original, but more importantly the quality of the build is much better and the battery is better I think id rather have that.

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The Nintendo Direct before this one made me want a WII U and this one confirms that the 3DS is going to be awesome this year. Having a year full of Luigi related games sounds awesome to me heh.

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Mario and Luigi 4? Set inside of Luigi's delusional mind?

And many copies of sticker star were traded in that day.

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Man, there's so many good games coming out this year for the 3DS. We already have Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion will be out in a month. Now we're getting both a new Animal Crossing and a new Mario & Luigi in the summer. Year of the 3DS?

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Thus making WiiU even closer to being the Gamecube reincarnated.

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I wonder if the new Xbox/PS will continue to spend time and money developing and hyping features that are obviously far better on a laptop or one of 7 other devices most people have handy at this point. Stick to what matters. Luigi is what matters.

3DS looks like it's increasingly becoming worth getting this spring, especially with last year's price drop. Wii U, not so much.

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awesome love the Mario and Luigi games, as well as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and hoping we get some info on the Namco produced Super Smash Brothers soon

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@Alex, does this apply? I know it does for me and my little brother.

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Oh sweet, Nintendo is making an RPG for the 3DS that isn't for babies. Seriously, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, you could not be more disappointing. You are a disgrace to the memory of Thousand Year Door.

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114 days until New Leaf!

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@hef said:

Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

They did a couple of weeks ago. Lots of games announced and talked about. More at E3. They know.

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I'm liking the "year of Luigi!" :D

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Luigi was always my favorite. You finally made it, buddy... your own year!

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2014: Year of the Toad.

Make it happen, Iwata.

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More 3DS news is good news for me, considering I just dropped over $200 on the Fire Emblem bundle. Hopefully all these great first party games are translating into actual sales for the system.

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A Donkey Kong game would be nice, even if it's just a remake.

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Who needs PS4 when you've got Year of Luigi?

Looking forward to all the greats.. Luigi's Mansion 3, Mario is Missing 2, Mario Luigi 3DS... can't wait!

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New Leaf getting a set date combined with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Monster Hunter (still incoming), and Luigi's Mansion coming soon made me go out and pick up a 3DS XL today (big hands) and I am loving it and especially loving Fire Emblem.

As a former owner of a launch 3DS, I never would have expected Nintendo to turn around the 3DS since launch as much as they have. It's a really great system at this point. Now if only they would talk to someone about releasing Fantasy Life over here in the States.

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Hell yeah, Luigi. I'm really looking forward to that Luigi's Mansion game even though I don't own a 3DS.

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I am very pro-Luigi.

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Always like Luigi better too. He takes a lot of crap for being a coward and slow, when he is just more cautious (because hey maybe blindly rushing into dangerous situations may not be the best idea) and has a good heart. Whenever Mario has needed help or even rescuing himself, Luigi is always there to help his older brother no matter what.

Here's looking forward to a year of more Luigi games ^^

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I too really like Luigi, but really came here to say that Iwata looks funny..

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Luigi is the reason ill buy a new handheld this year!

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The wait for Animal Crossing has been unbearable. I haven't played an AC game since the Gamecube, so I'm really excited about it. Really hoping it sucks my girlfriend in the way the first one did me. We'll be picking up 2 copies on launch.

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Buh. I've been hearing "This is finally the year of Luigi on the desktop!" for about as long as I've heard that "FreeBSD is dying!".

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3DS is becoming a tempting proposition, but I don't know. I owned a DS and only played a handful of games on it because I had no reason to play a portable system, even if I like the games.

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Glad to see we're finally getting New Leaf, I want that game so bad!

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@explodemode said:

Mario and Luigi 4? Set inside of Luigi's delusional mind?

And many copies of sticker star were traded in that day.

And many BisonHeroes were happy that they firmly resisted the urge to buy Sticker Star. Now I can redirect that money towards the Mario-based RPG series that Nintendo isn't totally fucking up.

Seriously though, everything I've read and seen makes it seem like they stripped everything remarkable or clever out of Paper Mario, and it's pretty much for babies now.

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Luigi's on top and he hasn't even done anything yet!

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I always preferred Luigi too, probably something to do with being the younger brother. It's stuff like this that makes me want to buy a 3DS but I just dont see the appeal of playing these games out in the open. And the concept of playing them indoors with a big HDTV in front of me just seems strange.

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Luigi is a perv

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People always act as though Nintendo is just Mario & Zelda, but it's interesting how they consistently use the early period of a new console to bring back and strengthen old/minor IP. Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Kid Icarus ... all significant little jabs until they have roundhouse titles available in their major fanchises.

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I really want to buy a 3DS XL. Mario Tennis, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Land, etc. they all sound awesome!

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