End Sequence Logic (minimal spoilers)

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After you defeat the final boss and everyone is celebrating, the ghosts get together with Luigi and friends for a commemorative photo. The camera flashes and the photo shows everyone happy and joyous the conflict has been resolved.

The thing that bothers me is that you have used flashes of light to shock/stun the ghosts the entire game. It's a temporary stun that lasts for about a second but the reaction is instantaneous. Was it a slip in the game logic, a desire for a happy ending or a missed opportunity for a quick joke as the photo could have shown the ghosts freaking out.

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@maskedaprentice: I agree, it would've been funnier to take the picture, and then when you see the actual photograph, all the ghosts are stunned/dazed due to the bulb flash.

Alas, missed opportunities.

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The flash stunned all the ghosts in their place so they wouldn't fuck up the picture?

Also just "beat" the game over this past weekend and I hate this game, terrible difficulty spike at the end with the last mission before the bosses. Terrible design and wasn't fun in anyway.

Boy that feels good to get that off my back.

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@nightriff: My only complaints were that most mansions had one mission that was totally extraneous (usually involving the asshole ghost dog stealing some object and leading you back through a bunch of rooms you've explored already on previous missions). Also, the third mansion (clocktower factory desert thing) was terribly dull. Thankfully, the 4th mansion is much briefer, and then the 5th mansion is pretty good.

Overall, the game didn't grab me as much as the first Luigi's Mansion, where many of the ghosts were unique and you had to solve clever little puzzles to expose said ghosts, or they were minibosses. Dark Moon still has puzzles, but they're all optional because all they get you are the meaningless gems. The game is well made, there just isn't a ton of diversity to what you do in it. Really nice environments and lighting, though, especially when you consider that the 3DS isn't exactly a powerhouse.

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@bisonhero: Agreed with everything you state. I haven't played the original but my understanding is its like 6 hours, a much tighter, rewarding experience. The only "mansions" I enjoyed were the 1st and 5th ones, the others got boring quick and yeah, the same mission types over and over again got frustrating, the dog keeps escaping….ugh it was annoying. I really wanted to love the game but felt like something just was always pushing me away from enjoying it. Probably in a few weeks I'll look back on it more fondly but that last mission I played just broke me, it was everything I hated about the game rolled into a 20 minute segment. I'm bumbled my way through the entirety of the game getting 2 star rankings, with often 1 star ranking, now is the time where I need to be a about as perfect as I can be? There was literally no room for error. At least the final part where the ghosts keep spawning from the portal wasn't timed, but I died so maybe it was.

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