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In the original Star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker is introduced as a teenage farm boy on the planet of Tatooine, living with his Aunt and Uncle. He and his uncle purchase new droids to help with the farm and while cleaning the droids discovers a secret message in a form of a hologram send by a women to 'Obi Wan' for help. The droid begins to go search for 'Obi Wan' and Luke finally catches up with him and Luke and Obi Wan meet for the first time. Obi Wan tells stories of his past as being a Jedi and the rise of the evil empire. When Lukes arrives back to the farm, he finds his family and home burned by the evil empire. Luke decides to help Obi Wan find the women, Princess Leia and Obi Wan decides to train Luke to become a Jedi.

During their adventure in space, Luke ends up rescuing Prince Leia and Obi Wan dies when his confronts the Sith lord, Darth Vader. Luke learns that Princess Leia is a part of a rebel alliance and decides to join the alliance and put a stop to the evil empire. Luke with his great piloting skills and basic Jedi training is able to destroy one of the Empires weapons known as the Death Star. The Rebel Alliance get stronger and more powerful. Darth Vader trys to convince Luke Skywalker to join his side and help run the Empire. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are thrown in many light saber battles and during one of them Luke is told that Darth Vader is his father and Princess Leia is his sister. Luke's jedi training improved and became a Jedi knight. In the last light saber duel with Darth Vader, Luke manages to convince his father to do right and destroy the Emperor, thus putting an end to the Empire. Luke carries his dying father off the 2nd Death Star and performs a proper funeral for his father.

Depiction in Video Games


2600 Box Art

Luke is displayed on the boxart for Atari 2600's Jedi Arena. The in-game graphics consist of only his light saber however.

Loading screen (C64)

Star Wars was a first person arcade shooter that has been ported over to Atari as well as C64 systems. You play as Luke Skywalker but because it is in first person cockpit view we don't actually see Luke Skywalker in the game. The events in the game follow the famous action scenes from the movie


On the C64 Luke makes an appearance in a speeder bike in Return of the Jedi. You are able to control Luke's speeder bike and attempt to destroy the stormtrooper's bike


Star Wars for the NES, lets you control Luke with a blaster and a light saber. The game is based on Episode IV: A New Hope but not a exact retelling of the movie. The game expands some minor plot points such as search for R2-D2 before finding Old Ben. The first third of the game consisted of Luke driving his speeder around the planet and looking in caves where deadly insects and acid slime falls from the roof of the caves. Eventually he fights his way through the Sandcrawler etc.


Super Star Wars much like the NES version was loosely based on Episode IV: A New Hope events but expanded minor plot points to add gameplay elements found in a typical platform game of the generation. There are numerous enemies only found in this game and not in the movies it is based on. Luke is very cartoony in this game and you are able to use a blaster as well as a light saber.


Super Empire Strikes Back is a sequel to Super Star Wars. Luke's depiction has not changed but now he is able to perform a double jump. If you collect enough force tokens you can perform force actions. Luke also rides a tonton in the game.


Super Return of the Jedi is a direct sequal to Super Empire Strikes Back and the gameplay and Luke's depiction is generally the same except he wears the blag Jedi clothes like the movie. It loosely follows the scenes from the movie. There is a level that consist of Luke fighting his way through the Death Star which isn't part of the movie.


The Chessboard

In Star Wars Chess, A Star Wars themed video game version of Chess the board game, Luke Skywalker represents the King piece.


Screenshot of Luke
PC version cutscene

Shadows of the Empire for N64. Luke appears during the battle of Hoth scene giving you status reports. He is not an controllable player but was included in the game more or less to help maintain a sense of timeline. The game itself centers around a side story during Episode V. At the start of the game Luke Skywalker agrees to give Dash Rendar, main character of the game, an unused T-47 snowspeeder to help fight against the Empire's attack on the Rebel's base on the planet Hoth. Luke Skywalker commands this group of snowspeeders and instructs Dash Rendar what and where he should target next. Luke's adventure is told through various cutscenes and dialog references. The Emperor is displeased with Vader's inabiliity to capture Luke on Bespin and Prince Xizor, ruler of the Black Sun crime, overhears this and is determined to kill Luke to gain favor with the Emperor and discredit Darth Vader. Luke attempts to find the whereabouts of Han Solo and build his lightsaber while Xizor has all but put a bounty on Luke.


Star Wars: Yoda Stories for the Game Boy Color takes place while Luke is training in Dagabah. Luke must complete various puzzles and quests. With each puzzle completed Luke gets more familiar with the force and becomes a better Jedi. The events in the game are not shown in the movies.


Luke Skywalker hero

In Star Wars: Battlefront for the PS2,Xbox and PC, Luke Skywalker is a non playable character that arrives on the scene for the Rebel fraction. The player can choose to play as the Republic, the CIS, the Empire, or the Rebels. Each fraction has one hero that helps their cause during the battle. Some of the locations are based on the movies but others were added to the game based on star wars novels and in effort to expand the clone wars and the ever growing empire. His light saber in the game is blue


Luke Skywalker

Star Wars: Battlefront II, you can now play as the heros. Luke Skywalker remains as one of the Rebel heros. He carries his green lightsaber and can perform various force powers including force push. Unlike the movies Luke is able to perform a saber throw attack in which he throws his light saber like a boomerang. As with all the Star Wars: Battlefront games we see Luke Skywalker involved in more battle scenes than we did in the movies.


Luke appears in Lego Indiana Jones

In the Lego game, Lego Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker can be seen as a background character stuck in the roof of an icy cave. If you blow up the ice you help free Luke. This cameo is a tip of the hat to scene in Empire Strikes Back, a film which stars Luke Skywalker.


X360 box art

Luke Skywalker is an unlockable character in Lego Star Wars III Clone Wars. He is unlockable once the player completes the minikits

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